Hi and welcome to “Watch. Create. Shine.” Unique classes designed for all solo / entrepreneurs to improve their work flow and increase joy. I’ve learned “Dreaming Big Rocks” because, like many, I held myself back too long. Let loose! Dream bigger. Keep Dreaming BIG.

I’m the infamous internationally published and exhibited punk photographer, Jenny Lens, MFA. I taught for years at major joints like UCLA, Santa Monica College, Art Institute of LA, and elsewhere.

BUT I could never teach THESE classes. Colleges and training centers never teach WHOLE process. Watch over my shoulder! See a real working artist, merch designer, teacher in action. ONLY learn what YOU need to know! My classes designed for YOU. Real-world, proven answers to many questions people ask me, IRL or online.

Watch Vid. Explore the Take A Class! or Bundle Up! Scroll/tap Class Images for more deets. BUT I designed this as a synergistic program: whole is more than sum of its parts. The tips, tricks, workflow can help YOU become more efficient, creative and happy.

Explore Ideas, Inspiration and Information for wide variety of articles. I’ll add more text and vid. Want it? Sign up. Thank you. Fun and Productive times ahead! I look forward to seeing what YOU do with “Watch. Create. Shine.

Are you into branding, marketing, connecting, creating art, graphics for work, projects, biz, fun and relaxation? I’ve got something for everybody!

Calling creatives (+ others): photographers, artists, hair stylists, MUA, music-related, writing, non-profits, activists, spiritual, mommy bloggers, healers, whatev, regardless your age or creative or tech skills. IF you have interest or need, I’ve got something fun and productive just for You.

Gain insights into designing and creating your visuals (photos, online images). Use Visuals to attract your ideal target market by expressively communicating your mission, product or service. Tips about Design, Tech, Web Design Elements, eCommerce and Biz.

Can be overwhelming. I’ll shine a light. On a Budget. Fun. Inspiring.

Newbie to Experienced (especially the Bundle).

Special Limited Time Offer! Prices rising soon.

Do I hear a YES PLEASE!

  1. Photos: Create Compelling Images on a Budget Using DSLR Cameras
  2. Lightroom Fun Productive Essential Library Tools and Develop Tips
  3. Photoshop: Putting It All Together
  4. Art and Design, Color, Layout and Typography for Everyone
  5. What Your Web Designer Won’t Tell You Or Do For You
  6. Wild World of eCommerce

6 Class Bundle includes:

  • Private Facebook Group.
  • Pinterest Group Board.
  • Tell me what YOU want to know. Might get into class or FB Group tips.
  • Pre-class info to inspire you.

You can start with some classes. And new classes coming up. I just keep adding info!


Social Media Gallery

Gallery of various images with varying sizes. An image may look great on Instagram and Facebook, and sucky here. Plus there's Pinterest and vids. At some pt, you gotta say: this is it. Moving on. WHY do Social Media companies think it's fine to make us waste days of...

Lightroom Catalogs

Someone in a Lightroom Facebook group asked if he should make multiple catalogs for his personal vs a private organization. My response: I have two large hard drives with images (my early punk pix in one, digital photos and clip art in other), and variety of topics in...

Artists To Inspire You and I

Secret sauce for success: Products and Marketing using solid Art skills and knowledge, with strong Tech tools. A pal said she doesn't know much about art. I wrote a 'short' reply, off the top of my head, about some of my fave artists and genres. I could easily expand...

Photo Portfolio Issues: Do NOT use Facebook

A cool Facebook friend asked me for feedback about his new "Virtual Photo Portfolio." I clicked on the link and whoa, took me to a Facebook Page. My response to him: Ok, I will be as gentle as possible... FB is a social media site, NOT a portfolio site. Maybe Google...


Jenny Lens and Divine, Fiorucci’s, Beverly Hills, CA, June 1978.

WHY is this here? Once, when I questioned someone about lack of formatting on documents, I was told the leader is “authentic.” She’s “punk.” I kept my mouth shut, cos I wanted to remain on good terms with the person leading the group.

People say SHOW YOUR FACE. Ok, this is who I am. Divine passed and my hair grayer. I still have that dress, can fit into my punk clothes. I even have one of my cameras and flash. But that was then and this is now.

You can take me outta punk, but never the punk outta me. I was a FAMOUS early punk photographer. WILD. OH the stories I could tell you. The stories my pals share. My photos. You don’t know the half of it. AND I earned college degrees by then. Work in shows and museums. Plus returned to school. Now I teach myself. Online. Books, DIY.  I’ve been around. I’m still here.

Gotta continually update skills and expand possibilities. Or not. But your competition is following this sage advice.

Knowledge IS Power. Empowering. Liberating.

IF I can do all this, so can YOU! IF you clap your hands three times and BELIEVE in Yourself, Your Dream and this Growth Empowering Process. Ok, you don’t have to clap. Just believe “Watch. Create. Shine.”

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