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Watch. Create. Shine.

Dreaming Big Rocks! delivers inspiring, energetic, bold, imaginative training for Solo/Entrepreneurs (artists and everyone else) looking to gain Essential Creative and Tech Skills. Better visual skills and better understanding of powerful software helps your Branding, Marketing and Social Media Strategies for Online Success.

Take a look at my Ideas, Inspiration, Information Blog.

You won’t find dry tech stuff. Just insights and tips you won’t find elsewhere. A balance of practical, creative, digital solutions. To enlighten and instill confidence and joy into what is otherwise overwhelming and frustrating. Can you relate?



  • Want to truly express who YOU are? What YOU are about? Your products, services or cause?
  • Want to attract more people and convert them into raving fans and customers or clients?
  • Do you keep reading about being a “Storyteller”? It’s the hottest tip for ANYONE to be more successful online. For a reason.
  • Overwhelmed and need clarity?


Not just for artists! For anyone!
For fun, profit, non-profit. Whatever your Services, Products and/or Cause.

Are you a Solo/Entrepreneur? Creative. Healer. Teacher. Social Justice Warrior. Yogi. Vegan. Hunter. Politician. Writer. Hobbyist. Professional. Retired. Introvert. Extrovert. Both. Young. Old. Anyone willing to grow.

Essential tips and skills to help you spread your wings and fly.
Something for everyone.

I’ve guided many like YOU to make your life and biz easier by sharing my creative and tech expertise. So you don’t make typical mistakes, shed many tears and waste time and money. Can you relate?

Watch: as I explain WHY and show How using popular, powerful tech tools with art concepts and more to communicate visually can radically help you and whatever you are doing online.

Create your unique style, online, physical or digital, fun, profit, cause or belief. Empower your with art and digital tools. Find the joy of confidently and comfortably expressing yourself visually. Fun and healing.

Let your inner light Shine.


I see so many struggling, stuck, asking same questions to me or online, for years. Too many fugly, confusing sites, strange colors and type, tired images, incomplete or missing information and disorganization. Or seeing so many overwhelmed and confused, not knowing where to start, what to do next. Or just need a bit of fine-tuning.

I can relate! No one is alone. I’ve learned from successful people.
We help each other. Let me help you.

Are you ready for your adventure?

Click class image  to read more info. Bundle is a great value: Six for price of Five!

  • Holistic approach: using concepts, ideas and inspiration with digital tools together for most effective workflow.
  • Anyone can use these top tier affordable, professional programs.
  • Empowering YOU to determine which programs and workflow suit YOUR needs and budget.
  • Time saving and attention getting.
  • Watch. Create. Shine.

Keep Dreaming Big. Cos Dreaming Big Rocks!

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