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Creating engaging storytelling images and sharing creative, tech and biz tips are my passion. What’s YOUR passion? Wanna be inspired? See how a REAL ROCK STAR artist deals with tech, marketing, biz, social/political justice, spirituality, health and yeah, creating. Despite doubts, fears, and crap. Just like you.

Watch. Create. Shine.” When you see what YOU can do, nothing feels so good. Start NOW. Be your best. Or be left behind. Your choice. To succeed, you have to do what other people are not willing to do. Let’s do it. Now. The best is yet to come!

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You can read per some categories (subject matter) below. Or read same posts sorted by date in Blog link. I love to share info which inspires creative people. Find joy and confidence in creating your own images. Use your photos and/or clip art. For your blog, social media, fun, hobby, scrapbooking, fine art, social/political causes, profit or not.

Creativity is our natural right, sadly not taught nor encouraged today. Too often taught by non-trained or educated ‘artists’ or social media pros, who know social, but lacking in basic art concepts.

Discover and enhance your natural playful creativity. 

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Photographers to Inspire You

Gordon Parks: The New Tide, Early Work 1940–1950

Gordon Parks: The New Tide, Early Work 1940–1950 exhibit at the National Gallery of Art reveals the birth of a major and influential artist, photographer and film director (Shaft, a revolutionary film at the time, autobiographical The Learning Tree, and more). His...

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Artists to Inspire You


Creating Art Keeps the Blues Away

Today is #MentalHealthDay (October 11). Lady Gaga talking about suffering from a mental illness: PTSD.   How many of us deal with PTSD? I make art, classes, learn, read. ONLY way I keep my sanity.   Our insurance and trained 'pros' are CRUEL. It's a pathetic joke you...

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Jenny Lens and Divine, Fiorucci’s, Beverly Hills, CA, June 1978.

WHY is this here? Once, when I questioned someone about lack of formatting on documents, I was told the leader is “authentic.” She’s “punk.” I kept my mouth shut, cos I wanted to remain on good terms with the person leading the group.

People say SHOW YOUR FACE. Ok, this is who I am. Divine passed and my hair grayer. I still have that dress. Can fit into my punk clothes. I have one of my cameras and flash. But that was then and this is now.

You can take me outta punk, but never the punk outta me. I was a FAMOUS early punk photographer. WILD. OH the stories I could tell you. The stories my pals share. My photos. You don’t know the half of it. AND I earned college degrees by then. Yeah, the college teacher turned punk. Early on. Always a pioneer!

Beloved photos in shows and museums. Involved in computer graphics, programs and more for over 30 years. Yikes. I taught computer stuff at colleges, universities, vocational centers and computer training centers. I continue to learn. Online. Books, DIY. Teaching online. I’ve been around. I’m still here.

Gotta continually update skills and expand possibilities. Or not. But your competition is following this sage advice.

Knowledge IS Power. Empowering. Liberating.

IF I can do all this, so can YOU! IF you clap your hands three times and BELIEVE in Yourself, Your Dream and this Growth Empowering Process. Ok, you don’t have to clap. Just believe “Watch. Create. Shine.”

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