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  • Become an influential, inspiring Visual Storyteller
  • Newbie or experienced artist or techie
  • Joyfully empower your Branding, Marketing and Social Media Online Experience

FIRST FIVE Enrolling in “Watch. Create. Shine.” Program Bundle get Special LIMITED Time Offer:

  • Program costs $350 if enrolling in all 7 workshops separately$300 for Bundle. 
  • Coaching is normally $100/hour.
  • PLUS 18 free photos, specially taken ONLY for my students, worth over $100.
  • Plus PDF of my super hot Top Secrets, Insights And Bits For Everyone, Newbie To Experienced, worth $50.
  • Plus LIVE webinars
  • When I taught at UCLA, people paid (and still pay) more than $600 for ONE class, not 7!
  • Photos are displayed beneath the workshops below
  • Invest in yourself and your future for just $300 and get a Package worth over $600!

Invest in yourself now before the Five Seats are Taken!

My mission is to remove fear and doubt, be inspiring and share the magic of art and tech. If you want to grow, are curious, open-minded, you are in the right place! I love and miss teaching classes. I share info all the time. I wanna see you manifest your dreams! Do you see it, feel it, believe in your dreams and abilities? Go for it!

“I love that you are a growing, evolving, creative force, Jenny Lens. You’re a survivor and thriver. Strong ass woman, Respect! Finding you so warm, real and engaging is icing on the inspirational cake!” ~ Jessica Tate, hair stylist.

Praise for Jenny Lens as Teacher and Photographer

“Jenny’s photo class has been a fun and easy way to introduce myself further into the world of photography and get some amazing insight from one of the real talents. From her amazing shots of punks greats, to real world aptitude, I felt honored to catch some insider tips to apply to my day to day photos and try to go further than I thought before. ~ Mark Heck

“Jenny has a great knack to make you look around and capture the mood either through manipulating manual settings or making the best of what you have at hand. I would recommend checking out these courses to anyone who wants to dream big and get inspired. I would rate my course 10/10 for inspiration alone. Thank you Jenny!” ~ Mark Heck


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Photographers to Inspire You

Gordon Parks: The New Tide, Early Work 1940–1950

Gordon Parks: The New Tide, Early Work 1940–1950 exhibit at the National Gallery of Art reveals the birth of a major and influential artist, photographer and film director (Shaft, a revolutionary film at the time, autobiographical The Learning Tree, and more). His...

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Artists to Inspire You


Jim Rohn’s Quotes To Inspire You

You are in for a treat if you are new to the late, great, Jim Rohn. His words, his teaching, his influence is far and wide. All I can say is: GOOGLE Jim Rohn. Start with his quotes. Then read more from Jim Rohn at Brainy Quote. I purchased his Treasury of Quotes from...

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Motivational Support

Find Joy and Confidence with “Watch. Create. Shine”

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. Sign Up for a better tomorrow. Find joy and confidence in creating your own images, site, ecommerce or direct others to do for you, per YOUR vision. Create photos using your DSLR and other cameras more...

Bullying Abuse and Racism

Anti-Semitic Racist Remark on my Facebook Post #1

Typical racists anti-Semitic nonsense on my Facebook wall. Guy could barely write a sentence. I don't hate any religion. I hate the evil people do in the name of "their" religion. No matter what religion. This is the EXACT Facebook post. I shared a satirical Onion...


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