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Hi and welcome to “Watch. Create. Shine.” Unique classes designed for all solo / entrepreneurs to improve their work flow and increase joy. I’ve learned “Dreaming Big Rocks” because, like many, I held myself back too long. Let loose! Dream bigger. Keep Dreaming BIG.

[More photos AFTER text. Slides from Vid and more below!]

I’m the infamous internationally published and exhibited punk photographer, Jenny Lens, MFA. I taught for years at major joints like UCLA, Santa Monica College, Art Institute of LA, and elsewhere.

BUT I could never teach THESE classes. Colleges and training centers never teach WHOLE process. Watch over my shoulder! See a real working artist, merch designer, teacher in action. ONLY learn what YOU need to know! My classes designed for YOU. Real-world, proven answers to many questions people ask me, IRL or online.

Watch Vid right above. Explore the Take A Class! or Bundle Up! Scroll/tap Class Images for more deets. BUT I designed this as a synergistic program: whole is more than sum of its parts. The tips, tricks, workflow can help YOU become more efficient, creative and happy.

Explore Ideas, Inspiration and Information for wide variety of articles. I’ll add more text and vid. IF you take classes. I can’t do this without YOUR participation. Want it? Sign up. Thank you. Fun and Productive times ahead! I look forward to seeing what YOU do with “Watch. Create. Shine.

Want more info?

Are you into branding, marketing, connecting, creating art, graphics for work, projects, biz, fun and relaxation? I’ve got something for everybody!

Calling creatives (+ others): photographers, artists, hair stylists, MUA, music-related, writing, non-profits, activists, spiritual, mommy bloggers, healers, whatev, regardless your age or creative or tech skills. IF you have interest or need, I’ve got something fun and productive just for You.

Gain insights into designing and creating your visuals (photos, online images). Use Visuals to attract your ideal target market by expressively communicating your mission, product or service. Tips about Design, Tech, Web Design Elements, eCommerce and Biz.

Can be overwhelming. I’ll shine a light. On a Budget. Fun. Inspiring.

Newbie to Experienced (especially the Bundle).

Special Limited Time Offer! Prices rising soon.

Do I hear a YES PLEASE!

Professional Creative and Marketing Essentials Classes:

  1. Photos: Create Compelling Images on a Budget Using DSLR Cameras
  2. Lightroom Fun Productive Essential Library Tools and Develop Tips
  3. Photoshop: Putting It All Together
  4. Art and Design, Color, Layout and Typography for Everyone
  5. What Your Web Designer Won’t Tell You Or Do For You
  6. Wild World of eCommerce

6 Class Bundle includes:

  • Private Facebook Group.
  • Pinterest Group Board.
  • Tell me what YOU want to know. Might get into class or FB Group tips.
  • Pre-class info to inspire you.

Classes start middle of March, with new classes each week.

Get started NOW. Hope you are as excited as I am! I love teaching. I wanna see you succeed!

Read and see many of my internationally acclaimed, published and exhibited photos, my legendary Punk Pioneers archive. I also taught at colleges and computer training centers. I walk this walk.

Remember to Dream Big! Cos Dreaming Bigger Rocks! When youWatch. Create. Shine.”

Images from Vid (so you can read deets, look at photos closely) and preview Class photos. Have fun! Enjoy! DreamingBig.Rocks!

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