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What Are Your Dreams?

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Welcome to Watch. Create. Shine.

Visual Storytelling, Branding and Marketing and Fine Art Essentials for Creatives, Healers, Solo/Entrepreneurs.

I created inspiring, energetic, bold, imaginative, informative, useful online fun projects and training in everyday language just for you. Several workshop courses with limited time bonus images, coaching and more.

Once upon a time …

My Top 3 Recommendations to Fulfill Your Wishes

~ What Camera? What Lens? What Dial? ~

Create Tarot or Oracle Cards (or any storytelling image) ~

“Watch. Create. Shine.” ~ (Bundled Series or Individual Workshop Courses)

Leap From Confused to Confident and Creative!

What Camera? What Lens? What Dial?

    • Become confident and creative using a DSLR, using my unique tips, insights and inspiration!
    • Look at one image photographed with various lenses and settings to find out what works best for your needs.
    • No charts or confusing numbers.
    • Also understand similar terms used in phone camera apps.
    • Learn from the Best!
    • My photos in major museums, galleries, mags, books, docs and collected by celebrities and people all over the world.

Adorama, THE most prestigious photo gear supplier and photo lab for decades, said I am one of the ten most influential rock photographers of all time.

Wow, now you can get insider secrets from someone who gets THAT kind of press and recognition.

AND uses all the digital tools and tech, and artsy stuff,  taught here. I walk the walk!

Jenny Lens was not just one of the few photographers chronicling the early punk scene in both North America and London, she was also one of the few women working in a very male-dominated field. Her life is pretty fascinating and made up of the three acts usually associated with characters in movies and novels.”

Develop Your Visual Storytelling Skills

    • Base stories on Tarot, Oracle, Affirmations, Fairy tales, myths, song lyrics, or Your stories
    • Find joy while comfortably gaining useful digital skills.
    • Special Limited Time Bonus: Free Textures and Images

Watch. Create. Shine.

Visual Storytelling, Branding, Marketing and Fine Art Essentials

People constantly ask me how do I do this or that? Want to know my secrets?

Are you ready? This is Action Packed. Just proceed at your own pace. No pressure, just find your blissful joy.

“Watch. Create. Shine.”

Visual Storytelling, Branding and Marketing and Fine Art Essentials. Bundle includes 7 courses for price of 6, plus Limited Time Bonus Custom Textures and Photos I created just for You!

Photography for Branded Storytelling Images

Imagine looking through the eyes and in the mind of one of the Top Influential Rock Photographers, trained and exhibiting artist. All the photos on my sites are mine.

If I can do this, You can do this!

“Jenny’s online photo class has been a fun and easy way to introduce myself further into the world of photography and get some amazing insights from one of the real talents.” ~ Mark Heck

Lightroom Productivity and Creative Tools
will rock your world!

Save Time – Be Inspired – Be More Creative!

Organize, View, Find Your Photos or Clip Art
to use in any app or Lightroom

…and so much more! So much FUN!


Create Marketable, Branded Images using Photoshop

Photoshop can be as easy as Canva but far more powerful, more features, more fun when you watch and create simple yet stunning projects. 

Visual Branding Design

Develop YOUR style, brand and marketing identity.

Web Design Basics for Marketing

For creatives, healers and non-techies and techies.

What Do You Get?

Watch. Create. Shine.” offers a dozen different, but complementary online workshop courses to inspire you.

    • Guided Journal: downloadable, (optional) printable, PDF highlighting the most useful and helpful info to learn and use.
    • Step-by-Step easy to follow, detailed, clear videos (easy to pause, back up) and many with notes
    • Free custom textures, curated photos and more with some courses and bundles for a limited time.
    • You’ll learn not just “How,” but “Why” something can be beneficial
    • You’ll learn about design, color, visual assets (images), fonts and more in all workshops
    • From images to sites to ecommerce and more, it’s all about balancing art and digital.
    • Focus on the Joy of Visual Storytelling

Hi Jenny!!! I love the course!!! I’m half way thru….so good. So thorough and comprehensive.
Btw, you have a wonderful speaking/teaching voice. I would have loved having you as a teacher in college!
Learning so many tips and being so inspired with Discussion of Tarot Resources!! (How to Create Tarot or Oracle Cards using Clip Art and Photos) ~ Tricia Minette, paralegal (and Rolf).

Bonuses to Kickstart Your Creations

I created fine art stock photos, custom textures, coloring book pages and more just for students in selected workshop courses and bundles from Dreaming Big Rocks!

Get ready to kickstart your fun adventures now

    • Photos and textures can cost $5 to $15 per photo. Textures are often $30 for 30. Some bonuses would cost more than the courses.
    • I created these with love and joy. Just for you.
    • Watch how to easily download, modify colors, sizes, shapes
    • Add textures. Create collages
    • Ideas, inspiration and projects to help balance your life
    • Then Create and Shine!

Unique Workshop Courses to Gain Photography and Business Skills not Taught Elsewhere

Business Survival Kit for Creatives, Healers and Solo / Entrepreneurs.Marketing, Money and Legal: Essentials to protect yourself and your work.

Take Photos. Get Famous. Learn from the best! I’m the most published first gen, west coast punk photographer. I’m one of the Top Influential Rock Photographers!

Free Coloring Book Pages –  Special Limited Time Offer

Get some of my most beloved, iconic Punk Photos and fun floral images to color.

Plus get my Gotta-have Best Digital Tools List. Only when you Sign up for my erratic emails and newsletters.

You’ll get 5 of the 8 images below. Want all 8 and see how to color them? Take the Tarot or Oracle Cardmaking course.

Plus more bonus images and info in the “Watch. Create. Shine” Workshop Courses or Special Bundles.

“Jenny’s online photo class has been a fun and easy way to introduce myself further into the world of photography and get some amazing insights from one of the real talents. I would rate my course 10/10 for inspiration alone. Thank you Jenny!

Jenny has a great knack to make you look around and capture the mood either through manipulating manual settings or making the best of what you have at hand. I would recommend checking out these courses to anyone who wants to dream big and get inspired.

I actually sprayed that last flower with a spray bottle to get more interesting image like you did in one of the lessons in Photography for Branded Storytelling Images.”Mark Heck, massage therapist

How are you making your Dreams come true?

What daily actions are you taking to move forward in these uncertain times?

For personal and/or professional growth.

Come fly on our magic carpet with full access backstage pass to all that lies within you and this magical site.

Let’s make the invisible visible. Manifest your Visions and Dreams. If not now, when? 

“We were contacted by a large organization with press, radio and other media coverage within first month after Jenny redesigned our ecommerce site. 

Our site rarely displayed by Google til she performed her magic! I couldn’t buy media coverage like that for what I paid Jenny.

Plus she trained me how to update my site, when I was new to web design, especially ecommerce.” ~ Mark Martinez, graphic artist and designer

Jenny Lens, Punk Pioneer, when Punk Was Fun

Artistic Alchemist, Creative Instigator, Transformation Teacher, Punk Photographer and all that jazz

My mission is to remove fear and doubt, be inspiring and share the magic of art and tech.

Please investigate Punk Pioneers by photographer Jenny Lens, who captured the scene so perfectly.” Henry Rollins, LA Weekly

“The infamous Jenny Lens, supreme master of the punk rock photo.” ~ San Francisco Bay Guardian [And straight up rock too!]

“The was a time when Punk Rock was dangerous, man — in a cerebral way. And Jenny Lens was there to record it all.” ~ Garage Magazine

Patti Smith called me “the girl with the camera eye.Shouted from LA’s Roxy stage, pointing to me, Nov 15, 1976. 

Patti told me “She still dares other photographers to take better photos than I.” The Roxy, August 2002. 

Iggy Pop told me my photos were as good as his photographer. He asked me where I’d been. I said, “Earning art degrees.” He smiled and nodded. I learned from artists. Now you can learn from me!  Start now and join the fun @ Take Photos. Get Famous.” Get ready for when live shows resume.

Just for you, I’m sharing tricks, tips, insights and more I learned in my comprehensive art education. Then ongoing  journey in living a creative, entrepreneurial life.

I show you how YOU can create compelling storytelling images, using solid art and color tips, for example.

I’m the most published early punk rock photographer, west coast, first gen. My work in major museums, exhibits, docs, books, mags, merch and private collections. See my classic punk photos, videos, stories and more than just punk rock:

I earned my BA in Art, CSUN; MFA in Design, CalArts; Computer Graphics Cert, UCLA, all with honors and exhibiting art, not just photos. Plus legal courses. Plus taught at UCLA, Santa Monica College, CompUSA.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

“Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success. When you do a thing, do it with all your might. Put your whole soul into it. Stamp it with your own personality. Be active, be energetic, be enthusiastic and faithful, and you will accomplish your object. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”


Learn how a full moon in Leo inspired me to make an illustration which later turned into a Tarot card. Which turned into a fab journey.

Discover all you can create in  my Create Tarot or Oracle Cards Using Clip Art and Photos Workshop Course. Not limited to Tarot, but any illustrations. 

  • Every lesson in each online workshop is listed and accessed separately, even for bundles
  • Lifetime access for each online workshop
  • Watch whatever you want, whenever you want
  • Lessons last as long as you want or need to complete a particular project or goal
  • No tests, no grades, no pressure
  • See and learn how and why a REAL artist uses REAL tools and techniques to create compelling, memorable images which convey stories, add content and context to whatever story is being told
  • I share mistakes, gotchas, and work-arounds
  • You don’t have to be perfect to create art
  • But learning, using and enjoying art and marketing basics really make a difference!
  • Feel good, have fun and go with the flow.
  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection
  • Chrome using tablet, laptop and computer monitor are best viewing experiences
  • (Safari is problematic. I love Macs. But Chrome browser is so much more powerful and easier to use.)
  • Designed on and for larger monitors
  • You can use Android and IOS. Not optimum choice for most of the courses due to small screen size
  • This is about seeing and understanding how and why visuals make huge differences in our lives, creations, work and communities
  • Best learning habit, optional, but THE best tip I can ever give anyone: Taking notes digitally or with pen, pencil, paper 
  • ALL text and images are the property of attributed copyright holder(s).
  • DO NOT copy text or images or vids and use elsewhere.
  • Do not sell, give away, share or in any way distribute any of this content without expressed written permission from Jenny Lens, MFA.
  • Exceptions: public domain or credited to another source.
  • Please link to DreamingBig.Rocks and please mention my name. (Thank you!)
  • Learn from someone in the trenches!
  • No refunds
  • Thank you! Now go have fun!