About Jenny Lens, MFA

About Jenny Lens, MFA: Visual Storytelling Alchemist for Branding, Marketing, and Art. Earth mother punk.

  • I turn to Art to deal with today’s stress, pressures, aloneness and alienation.
  • Plus creating art, using the latest digital tools, brings joy to others, and connects us to people who appreciate us.
  • Plus many ops to make money or contribute to worthy causes with creative, tech skills.
  • How often do you get a chance to hear and see how and why Art is made?
  • Be inspired and have fun too!

Named the Girl with the Camera Eye, by punk godmother, Patti Smith.

Most published early punk rock photographer, first gen, west coast. Photos in major museums, docs, books, mags, and various collections. Real Rock Star!

Let’s create, heal and have fun! Dreaming Big Rocks!

Read Published Punk Photos. Haven’t updated in years. You can get an idea: I know about getting my work published and exhibited internationally. For decades.

Read Teaching and Work History. If you are into that kind of thing. Gee, when’s the last time I posted my resume? So corporate. But I’ve taught. Been around.

My  personal interest and knowledge in the arts, technology, music, holistic healing, raw foods and yoga makes me an ideal person to help others manifest their dreams.

I love helping people who are actively working to improve our community, whether on a local, national or international level.

Whether working solo or in community, we all have something to share with one another. Lemme share my tips with you!

My art has been exhibited in museums and galleries since I was a child.

My solo photo book “Punk Pioneers” became a sought-after acclaimed book. My stories enthralled my fans as much as my photos. However, I realized I acquired valuable knowledge while building my photo archive business. I decided to share my knowledge with others. I constantly build and refine an international team of experienced, skilled and talented colleagues.

Oh, I still kick back the furniture, turn my computer speakers up HIGH, and kick up my heels to PUNK! I will always love The Clash!, X, Screamers, early Blondie and the band who started it all for me, da brudders from Queens, my friends and a fave band to photograph, the RAMONES!!

Yeah, I won’t ever stop listening and rockin’ out to punk. I daren’t go to a live show. I turn into this wild woman I don’t even know! All that pent-up energy and yes, anger and loving concern at wassup in my beloved country. From all sides.

I rather expend my energy in my classes, posts, art, vids, you know. Cool stuff. Looking forward with love. But I can be fierce. Ask my friends. LOL.

I am addicted to researching, collecting, sorting and using visual art resources and art I create. I Gather Good Stuff to Teach and Share.

Cos that’s what life is about: Creating and Sharing. Thank you for being here.

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