About Jenny Lens, MFA

Hi! I’m Jenny Lens, the most published West Coast early punk photographer, first gen, 1976-1980. My photos have been in major books, documentaries, magazines about punk since 1976. I have built way too many websites to promote my classic, beloved photo archive.

I am an internationally published author, photographer, exhibiting artist in varied media. Lots of traditional art. I also create in the real world, not just digital. Best of both worlds.

My vast real-world experience, extensive college education, continuing education, and “street smarts” enabled me to quickly become “leader of the pack” in my fields. Teaching and Creating highly sought-after photos and other art.

People constantly ask me how I create. What inspires me? What tools do I use? How do I do this? Licensing and selling photo questions. Dealing with galleries. Making art. Marketing. Web design. Real world questions and issues.

So many more questions. Many I’m addressing in my classes and posts.

That’s what I am all about. Sharing this cool and very productive, inspiring info.

We gotta get and keep being Inspired by WHAT and HOW people are doing what they are doing to thrive online.

Marketable Product and/or Service using Engaging Visuals with Compelling Messages work wonders! Magical synergy.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Meaning, learn this stuff, already!! If you have doubts or whatev. No more excuses!

I could make this page look all pretty with lots of photos. But that only makes it longer. I’ve plenty of photos posted.

Photos and Stories: PunkPioneers.com. More photos and stories than most rock photographers.

Larger Photos: Photostore.PunkPioneers.com. (ecommerce platform designed for lifestyle photographers. Only covers basic needs. But easy and reliable.).

Cool tees and more: Merch.PunkPioneers.com. 

Plus newer Fine Art Images on this site.

Read Published Punk Photos. Haven’t updated in years. You can get an idea: I know about getting my work published and exhibited internationally. For decades.

Read Teaching and Work History. If you are into that kind of thing. Gee, when’s the last time I posted my resume? So corporate. But I’ve taught. Been around.

My  personal interest and knowledge in the arts, technology, music, holistic healing, raw foods and yoga makes me an ideal person to help others manifest their dreams.

I love helping people who are actively working to improve our community, whether on a local, national or international level.

Whether working solo or in community, we all have something to share with one another. Lemme share my tips with you!

My art has been exhibited in museums and galleries since I was a child.

My solo photo book “Punk Pioneers” became a sought-after acclaimed book. My stories enthralled my fans as much as my photos. However, I realized I acquired valuable knowledge while building my photo archive business. I decided to share my knowledge with others. I constantly build and refine an international team of experienced, skilled and talented colleagues.

I taught computer programs for over a decade at UCLA Extension, Santa Monica College, Art Institute of LA, Mt. Sierra, CompUSA, Tech Ed Services, New Horizons and for other companies. I led seminars with over 150 in attendance, or hands-on from one-on-one to thirty-five at a time.I am a certified as a Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS).

1994, I started designing websites. Since 2007, only WordPress, except for ecommerce sites. I have an extensive background in traditional media, print, presentations, teaching and training at various nationally recognized computer training centers and colleges/universities.

I earned an ABA Paralegal Certificate from UCLA Extension; Professional Certificate in Computer Graphics, UCLA Extension, and additional electronics, design, and more.

I’ve learned alot in my 12 years in college, decade teaching college and adults, plus so much more just living online. Paying attention. Helping many.

For fun, I read state-of-the art strategies for online marketing, social media and writing for effective online results and communication. NOT. I read this but for fun …

I consume pop culture like crazy. Whether on Pinterest or mags like W, Allure, Vanity Fair, US, OK (plus more from library) and online provide tons of Inspiration! You can get SO many ideas!

Hey, how do you think I found out about Punk music? From a new mag. People. One small mention and that was it. My life changed. So yeah, I have Magazine Love. (I’m near stage in this Screamers vid.) “You don’t love me, you love magazines.”

I’m dancing with Tomata du Plenty, the lead singer, in another youtube vid. Going Steady with Twiggy (also dancing with Darby Crash of the Germs. Some of most famous and beloved photos are of these men. They have followings! Both dead.) I’m rather mischievous in the vid at the Masque. But that’s for another time. Another site.

I am madly passionately and knowledgable about old films, art history, Broadway and biographies of creative people. I also study metaphysics, crystals, fairy tales, mythology, dreams, tarot, history and other related topics. My favorite outdoor activity is walking, especially while taking photos of flowers.

I am in sunny SoCal, near the beach. I rarely get out due to being glued to my computer. Although an infamous, wild early magenta haired punk rock photographer before many of you were born, I now listen to my earlier passions.

I am a classic Broadway Baby. Stephen Sondheim has been my guiding light since maybe 1971 or so. I know, pre-historic. But wow, I was privvy to some great live musicals and rock music. Don’t knock the rock.

But to create this work, I could not get enough of the Russians on YouTube.com. Prokofiev (his Romeo and Juliet: talk about gorgeous and lush! Find the live ballet performance online. He looks like Putin!), Shostakovich (whom I only discovered a short while ago. He looks so much like Harry Potter!), Rimsky-Korsakov (if you want to be transported somewhere else while working tensely in tech or anything digital, nothing beats Scheherazade for enchanting and melodic music).

I consumed that music like a person dying of thirst. I dunno, must be my Russian ancestry. As an artist, I’m a German Expressionist. My heart melts at that art. But Russian music soothes savage tech woes! Plus of course Frenchmen Debussy and Ravel. Debussy’s Reverie is perfect for tense tech!

Working on the computer is time consuming and challenging. We gotta use whatever aids us staying focused and moving forward.

Although I listen/watch news far more often than music. So fascinating! Wow. Lots of history being made by all sides. Totes life-long political junkie. I will remain neutral on this site. No taking sides here: no judgment on politics or religion.

Oh, I still kick back the furniture, turn my computer speakers up HIGH, and kick up my heels to PUNK! I will always love The Clash!, X, Screamers, early Blondie and the band who started it all for me, da brudders from Queens, my friends and a fave band to photograph, the RAMONES!!

Yeah, I won’t ever stop listening and rockin’ out to punk. I daren’t go to a live show. I turn into this wild woman I don’t even know! All that pent-up energy and yes, anger and loving concern at wassup in my beloved country. From all sides.

I rather expend my energy in my classes, posts, art, vids, you know. Cool stuff. Looking forward with love. But I can be fierce. Ask my friends. LOL.

I am addicted to researching, collecting, sorting and using visual art resources and art I create. I Gather Good Stuff to Teach and Share.

Cos that’s what life is about: Creating and Sharing. Thank you for being here.

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