A Bit about My Teaching and Punk Rock Photos

A bit about me, Jenny Lens, MFA:

Why are people turning to ME for my creative, marketing and technical expertise?

I’m the most internationally published and exhibited first gen punk rock photographer, West Coast, 1976-80. PunkPioneers.com.

I use tech and solid art concepts and skills to keep my invaluable punk archive alive. Plus creating my growing library of Fine Art Stock Photos, which I’ll probably offer for sale.

I create everything you see totally 100% myself. Plus informally share with many.

My iconic early photos of the Ramones, Clash, Blondie, Patti Smith, Iggy, Devo, X, Germs, and so many more now-acclaimed bands is part of rock n roll history.

I shot them during their first or early West Coast tours. Plus the Stones, Kiss, Led Zep, Bob Marley, Divine and Andy Warhol (unusual in LA). More: PunkPioneers.com.

My photos are part of American History (Smithsonian, our national museum), American Art History (Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, our most prestigious major art museum, Grammy Museum, Rock Hall of Fame, and more.

My photos will be seen as long as people are into rock n roll! Or longer.

I’ve been around. Led some wild times! Long time student, teacher, professor, author, music lover and artist. Just wanna share my cool tips and insights. And inspire ya too!

Many years creating stores, merch, dealing w/labs, galleries, customers and so much more. Seen/done it all with my classic punk photo archive, published & exhibited internationally.

Speaker/Demo/Producer @ Major Computer Conferences
(World Animation: spoke in front of Oscar Winners! MacFair (spoke and helped produce), SIGGRAPH, MacWorld and more)

Former College Teacher/Computer Trainer

BA in Art, CSUN (with Honors)
MFA in Design, CalArts (with Honors)
Pro Cert Computer Graphics, UCLA
Certs where I taught and more.