AppSumo Review March, 2020

AppSumo’s 2020 Software Trends for Freelancers, Marketers, and Agencies

I love I’ve gotten some wonderful items from them. Their article, about Software trends, is like most of their products: aimed towards agencies (don’t ask me for details, but their reviewers always talking about “their agencies“) and techies.

I responded in my own voice, as I usually do. I don’t see my post, perhaps not up to their standards. I don’t give an eff. I planned on sharing with others:

I love when offers some products that most anyone can use. Most of your products geared for agency owners and hardcore techies. But look closely, and some AMAZING deals for smaller biz, online teachers and creatives.

As for trends: software changes so quickly, so many apps popping up like mushrooms after rain. Depends upon YOUR needs and YOUR market’s needs. You see things way differently than I see them.

I see people getting more into crafts, hobbies, art, finding things to do and teach themselves and their kids.

Create community: that’s a BIG area that could be improved! Paying for, setting up and running your own WordPress community can be a HUGE undertaking re time and money and tech issues. Plus dealing with moderation and keeping info organized and civil.

Facebook groups are still going strong. But Facebook profiles and pages falling off. More people posting pix and one way convos on Instagram. Wait til FB decides ppl have to “pay to play” like on FB. You want your info shared? Pay up. That killed FB pages and profiles.

Facebook groups are free and relatively easy to use. But minimal features which can easily get very overwhelming and confusing. Cos their layout is fugly and disorganized. How to use Groups and Pages is … missing in action, to put it politely. Moderating is always a time sucking big issue, always.

BUT how to reach people? FB won’t reveal email addys and prevents mass messaging, even to our friends, fans and group members. And FB is NOT the easiest, most organized thing to use. No search or archiving features. Not easy for admins or members or uses.

So there’s an op for something easier, more logical, more organized than FB, with email and better moderation capabilities.

Some of the apps you sell, which I’ve bought, I can figure out or have great online or zoom support. That’s great, and I encourage you to find apps which EVERYDAY folks can use. Not just techies!

** I wish companies would NOT rely on Zapier for so much! Zapier is expensive and makes deals much much more costly. AND not easy! I am so tired of reading that. Not everyone is a techie.

I MUCH rather spend my time learning something new in a graphics program, be it Photoshop, Lightroom, Topaz or similar, than dig into some of these apps. THEN have to use Zapier.

We don’t all have the time or money to figure out esoteric how-tos using Zapier. And pay for it. Makes me cry. PLEASE be honest about that!

I’m loving AudioHero, although a nasty entertainment company filed a complaint on YouTube. I spent hours clearing it up. Now I indicate on bottom of my youtube vid descriptions, and footer on my site, I license music and where. This morning, I downloaded 76 mostly classical clips, cos I like that classical than other selections.

(AudioHero seriously needs REAL rock ‘n’ roll sounding music! OMG, their rock is bad elevator muzak. I’m a famous punk rocker who grew up on 50s- 70’s rock. Their selection is sad. Although they are good people, but wow.)

Will take a long time to use all the clips (and I still have over 2,000 available to download. Wow, whatta deal!). I LOVE listening to already downloaded classical clips.

SO sorry I missed Podcast offer. I remember it. Money tight.

I just used Publitio yesterday for first time. YouTube choking! My whole marketing around my vids, and now people cannot see them. I cannot see tutorials and more on YouTube. What happened to “Infrastructure Week,” ya know?

I bought Publitio last Black Friday. I got it for my teaching, for added security because at some point, I want to self-host my classes. Not use a third party. BUT I am so glad I had it to use promo, marketing and fun vids. VERY easy to use with WordPress.

I love SendFox, which needs to be used with for fuller functionality. The price is right! I don’t send out many newsletters. I don’t need a ton of bells and whistles at this time. Whatta deal! Great customer support from and too. (MUCH easier than ‘free’ MailChimp which made me cry for years.)

I bought other goodies I am looking forward to using. Will really make my teaching blog, landing page site look far more professional and serve users.

I’m NOT a techie, which is what most of your products are geared towards. I’m a creative who uses tech to make art and teach others. I’m photographer, artist, online teacher (who taught computer graphics and other software at UCLA, Santa Monica College, computer training centers, major computer conferences, etc).

I see what people are using online and determine what is popular, functional and suits my very picky personality, limited time and low budget. I have found MANY useful offers through the years.

Plus I LOVE the reviews on your site and some on youtube. When we can see YouTube. YOU ROCK!

I added this comment at the end, which was posted. Makes no sense, without the above. Whatever, ya know. I can’t worry about what other sites do. I love (no affiliate link here):

Wow I sure HATE Disqus. I only hung in cos I spent so much time writing this. Usually when I have to login using Disqus, I split. Gave me grief about my email address and account. Had to jump through hoops to just post my thoughts. Whatta waste of time and energy. OUCH. #IhateDisqus.

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