Art is Healing this Sad Sabbath Eve

My heart aches
encroaching darkness
Voices cry out
What can we do?

Art Heals
Use Art to Heal

Create Art
Support Artists

DreamingBig.Rocks |
Jenny Lens, MFA
grateful infamous punk photog | teacher

I wrote a poem weeks ago. A few weeks later, I made this image. I ran across my handwritten notes, while working on classes and marketing.

I forgot about this. I often do that. Create art. Then come across it when I most need it.

I organize my work efficiently with Lightroom. Easy to find.

Hard to post. Will we ever stop crying? :'(

Art is healing. Make Art. Wanna know more? When you are ready. Peace be with you. Shalom. Namaste.

Ya know the Hamsa is a revered symbol to both Jews and Arabs. I wish I had the little golden hamsa filigree that was my late father’s. I was fascinated by it when I was a child.

I don’t usually even think about the Sabbath. I lit Friday night candles once in awhile, mangling the Hebrew words. My family wasn’t very religious.

I had a heated Facebook email discussion with someone in Brooklyn. We ended it with mention of the Sabbath. Not Shabbat Shalom. Something else. 

Whatta sad Sabbath evening. :'(

For those who are cheering KavaNO, G-d be with you. I pray you never know what it’s like to lose your rights or humanity.

I know I should not be political while building a business. I cannot betray my conscience.

I am nothing but political first and foremost.

YOU try growing up in the shadow of the Holocaust. The rise of the Civil Rights movement. Hearing and reading stories. Then get back to me. 

My late mother told me the way Jews survived the concentration [extermination] camps was through their imaginations. That’s one thing no one can take from you.

It’s one thing Jews could do: be creative. Use their minds. Hence why so many in law and medicine. And the arts. In music. In entertainment.

No matter your beliefs, creation is an act of being closer to G-d, to the Universe, to Spirit. Whatever you believe. Even in nothing. Peace be with you. Shalom.