Artists To Inspire You and I

Child Reading aka Enfant Lisant, Renoir, circa 1890-1893, Barnes Foundation, in Public Domain.jpeg
Child Reading aka Enfant Lisant, Renoir, circa 1890-1893, Barnes Foundation, in Public Domain. Wonderful example of Impressionism. Renoir’s use of color, with his curvilinear brush strokes describing not only the subject, but mood and emotions. Renoir’s imaginative use of color, brush strokes, and composition exemplified the inventiveness and influence of the Impressionists. See also Degas’ ballerinas, Monet and Renoir’s landscapes, dramatic expressionistic colors and strokes from Van Gogh to start. Check out Pinterest for many great art works. Have fun!

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A pal said she doesn’t know much about art. I wrote a ‘short’ reply, off the top of my head, about some of my fave artists and genres. I could easily expand this to a big book. A good starting point.

Check out Pinterest​ for more examples and artists. Pls spread the word! Share. Art is so healing and inspiring. We all need more art: enjoying and creating.

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Who inspires you? Perhaps this list will inspire you!!

A: “I found some art books. Do you like watteau, bernini, bruegel, rubens or gainsborough?”

Jenny: “So sweet of you to think of me. I am not a fan of art prior to Impressionism, with William Blake an exception.

I don’t like paintings of rich people nor peasants, nor their landscapes. LOL!

Plus their palettes were so dull. They didn’t have the vivid paints available to the Impressionists and moderns.

I love wild explosions of color. But thank you for asking. ❤”

A: “I don’t know much about art, unfortunately. What artists do you like?”

Jenny: Oh, thank you for reminding me the sad state of our educational system. “Don’t know much about history … ” Do you know that rock song?

Anyway, to make this simple and brief (as if!).

Around the time of the camera, also rise of both psychology and more paint pigments, by the 1870s, Europe was witness to the rise of ALL kinds of art!

Not just rich or landed gentry, with their stuffy portraits, and their homes and hunting dogs … which give us the terms “portrait” and “landscape” in printing, the camera could do all that!

Turner, in England, explored color. He, and others, inspired mostly French to go wild with paint strokes and colors.

Impressionism: Renoir (my fave), Van Gogh, Monet, Degas (the FAB ballet dancers, another totes fave of mine), Gaugin, Seurat, and others.

Mary Cassatt, American, Impressionist painter of mothers and children (you might like her).

Art Nouveau: Mucha posters (repurposed for hippie 1960s posters). You’d recognize his work, I bet.

Pre-Raphaelites: Rossetti, Waterhouse (I’m sure you’ve seen his Mermaids), etc. LOTS of these artists are familiar to those studying myths, fairy tales, and more. You’ve seen their work.

Symbolists: Van Gogh, although also considered Impressionist. Munch. It’s a wide, big field, but again, this is something you’ve seen with metaphysics, tarot, lots of the things you are into (from the little I’ve read on yr posts).

Fauves or “Wild Beasts“: Matisse!! Also Bonnard to some degree. I love Henri Manguin, but good luck finding his work. Anything I see of his I swoon. But overshadowed by Matisse and Bonnard. Go figure.

We are now getting to late 1900s and early 20th century.

Vienna Successionist: Klimt (Lady or Woman in Gold), you’ve seen his work. The Kiss. I love those artists, esp also Kolomon Moser, but not generally known to many. Charles Rennie Mackintosh. GREAT artist!

German Expressionists: BIG category, also Van Gogh, Munch, and so much more. Very dramatic, often political. German expressionists were often political dissidents (esp in Germany around and between WW1 and WW2). The Rebels who spoke out, with words and esp paint, pencil, charcoal, etc.

Plus artists who defy categories or were in many or . …

ODILON REDON: check out his color pastels. Dreamy. Spiritual. Magical.

Pierre Bonnard: post-Impressionist, Nabi. Just discovered him. Talk about colors!

PLUS I adore Illustrators! Arthur Rackham, British and Edmund Dulac, French are considered the best!

Plus the Robinson brothers, Jessie Wilcox Smith and the Rose Girls, and soooo many more! OMG, children’s illustrators from say 1880s to 1930s or so!! OMG.

So many fine illustrators whose work stands alone also as fine art. Plus past the 1930s.

But earlier when four color refined (Currier and Ives Xmas cards were promos for Xmas!), then color took off.

AND the rise of education and leisure time to read to kids, whoa, great great art! AND great stories. The rise of fairy tales went hand in hand with rise of fine illustrations.

Finally, gotta mention Kandinsky, Chagall, Leon Bakst. Russians who brought colors, stories, spirituality, and more to modern art.

William Blake: love watercolorists, although I mentioned few. Just not household names nor honored in museums and books as much as oil. But Blake!! “Tiger tiger burning bright.” I don’t know his poems well, but his art!

He was a true visionary. He saw visions. As did many of these artists. But his were biblical. Magical. Tragic life, died broke. But he was EARLY, way before Impressionists. Born 1757-1827.

There’s more … My fave place to hang out is Pinterest. I just type the name or era, and all these examples appear.

I hope this turns you onto some great art and artists. Never too young nor too old to discover some fine artists.

Thanks for asking!! ❤ Whatta great topic. Near and dear to my heart.

Without studying all this since I was a wee child, I don’t know how I could have survived.

Art, my refuge and inspiration.

May it be yours too ❤

AND I love Tarot art. So much on Pinterest. So much using many of the artists and art genres I mentioned.

I didn’t even have to get up and look at my art books or go online. Only top of my head. IF I put even more thought, much bigger list.

But waaay too much for most anyway!

Again, thank you for asking. Go have fun checking some of these fine artists on Pinterest.

My best to you. Enjoy this fine day. I am glad we are friends. If only the grocery store were better run. We could hang in person.[We met when she worked at a short-lived small produce store near my home.]

OH well, we play the hand we are dealt. Pretty good hands, after all.

I forgot to mention the OTHER art patron. Rich landed gentry and nobles/royalty and …

THE CHURCH! Of course, HUGE art patrons aka propagandists.

So modern art was about REAL ppl. Not the mostly Catholic church!!

Modern artists explored Dreams. Myths. Fairy tales. Abstract concepts, colors, shapes.

Not photographic. Imaginative use of brush strokes. Colors, wonderfully creative use of color.

Composition too. Degas ballerinas are masterful studies in color, stroke, composition and just plain wonderfully fun to explore.

Not some rich person or in Bruegel’s case, peasants living their boring lives. With boring earth tone paintings.

Color inspires me. As I think it does most people, whether or not we realize it. ❤One woman’s opinion.