Autumn Image of Gourds and Candles: Photoshop, Clip Art and My Photo

Gourds and Candles, Holidays, Embellishment and Photo by Jenny Lens, MFA, October 2013Gourds and Candles, Holidays, Embellishment and Photo by Jenny Lens, MFA, October 2013

I created this lovely photo at a local restaurant event, as I was leaving, October 2013. The image is SOOC: “straight out of the camera.” No adjustments, no presets, no filters. Most of my photos work just fine SOOC.

Three reasons: knowing how to use my camera, using a very good camera and lens(es) and inanimate objects. So many use a variety of computer adjustments because they lack tech skills. Like many, I use various tools to enhance their images. Perhaps you are aware of Photoshop and Lightroom, perhaps onOne PerfectPhoto Suite, plus various presets, actions to further enhance photos.

Brushes, textures, blending modes, Effects, and layers in Photoshop. Basic steps, IF you know what to do. IF you know where to affordably and legally find the brushes and texture resources.

I legally collect (purchase, download or scan public domain art). Then spend hours organizing it. I started as a fine artist specializing in crafts such as weaving, embroidery, carved wood, lost wax casting, beading and more. I naturally have the urge to greatly embellish my photos. I also love fine art paintings, drawings, etchings and use my photos as the foundation of my art, not the end all.

I love photographing objects because I can shoot many images, experiment with settings and focal pointt (what’s in focus). Due to extreme closeup, it’s impossible to get everything in focus, especially when shooting via candlelight. I shoot towards the middle of the image. Others shoot towards the front or back. I wanted the candles in focus, and the gourd preceding them. The photo itself was just fine.

I love embellishing photos. I regard my photos (or if I were to do this to your photos) as a starting point. I purchased thousands of resources: brushes (the individual leaves and spiderwebs) and textures. Plus patterns, line drawings, fonts and so much more. Takes hours to find them, organize and then choose which to use. Plus I layer everything, change the colors and opacity, add bevels, contours and sometimes drop shadows. I didn’t add drop shadows to these because I wanted it to look painterly or silk-screened like fine cloth.

It’s not hard, once you know how! It’s hard to learn by yourself. Let me show you! It’s fun and you can market your creations.