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Lightroom Is My Fave Most Useful Photo Software

Lightroom is MY fave, most used “can’t live without” program! Improved my photography and creativity in so  many ways! Work BIGGER. Dreaming Big Rocks when you work it. Use the BEST apps for your creative work. Lightroom truly brings JOY into my life. LR can do the same for you with my tips!

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Gordon Parks: The New Tide, Early Work 1940–1950

Gordon Parks: The New Tide, Early Work 1940–1950 exhibit at the National Gallery of Art reveals the birth of a major and influential artist, photographer and film director (Shaft, a revolutionary film at the time, autobiographical The Learning Tree, and more). His...

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Early “Black is Beautiful” Photos by Kwame Brathwaite

Powerful, beautiful, mesmerizing historical photos. I loved the fashions, earrings and headdress, hair, the poses. The images are beautifully composed by a very talented photographer, Kwame Brathwaite. Most of all, LOOK at the beauty and pride in everyone's faces....

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Arnold Newman: One Hundred Portraits Book

Photos to take your breath away! Wow, again I wish I knew something about photography and especially photographers BEFORE I shot rock.  Legendary photographer Arnold Newman captured and expressed people's souls, let us into their private interiors, and said so much...

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The Sweet Flypaper of Life

Illuminating Black Joy, Black Love and Resistance in Harlem. Photographer Roy DeCarava and poet Langston Hughes collaborated in this historically moving book about daily life in Harlem in the early 1950s. IF you care about street scenes and family life, please check...

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One Word to Improve Your Storytelling

Would you like to know ONE word to improve your ability to create compelling, engaging Storytelling posts, marketing, whatever? Spend a few minutes to hear what, how and why to use these proven guidelines to help your words convey your message, story or call to action.

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Creating Art Keeps the Blues Away

Today is #MentalHealthDay (October 11). Lady Gaga talking about suffering from a mental illness: PTSD.   How many of us deal with PTSD? I make art, classes, learn, read. ONLY way I keep my sanity.   Our insurance and trained 'pros' are CRUEL. It's a pathetic joke you...

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