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Lightroom Catalogs

Someone in a Lightroom Facebook group asked if he should make multiple catalogs for his personal vs a private organization. My response: I have two large hard drives with images (my early punk pix in one, digital photos and clip art in other), and variety of topics in...

Artists To Inspire You and I

Secret sauce for success: Products and Marketing using solid Art skills and knowledge, with strong Tech tools. A pal said she doesn't know much about art. I wrote a 'short' reply, off the top of my head, about some of my fave artists and genres. I could easily expand...

Photo Portfolio Issues: Do NOT use Facebook

A cool Facebook friend asked me for feedback about his new "Virtual Photo Portfolio." I clicked on the link and whoa, took me to a Facebook Page. My response to him: Ok, I will be as gentle as possible... FB is a social media site, NOT a portfolio site. Maybe Google...


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