Brie and Logan

I created this to celebrate Brie Wakeland and Logan Muszynski’s delightful wedding, October 12, 2019, Indian Alley, DTLA (Downtown Los Angeles). Thank you to These Days Gallery and Innerspace Gallery for delightful, historical locations and hospitality.

I was honored and flattered to be invited to the most memorable, unique wedding I’ve ever attended. A lovely group of artists, creatives, those in eating seasonally, healthy, home made food (and who helped provide the food which Brie didn’t make, enough for an army! So delicious!), friends, family and others.

Sadly, I started to feel unwell, which limited photographing the whole event. BUT I felt so compelled to share  some of the memorable images still vividly dancing in front of my eyes and memory.

I worked hard to add context and feeling beyond a simple photo. I don’t like most photos straight out of the camera. (I get SO bored with my punk photos, which resist any manipulation). I also dislike merely applying a filter to every image.

I shot in minimal light, so appropriate for the ambiance. Whatta challenge to bring out details: highlights and shadows, which need strong light.

Too techie for you? All part of being the artist and teacher I am! It’s what I share with others who tell me I inform and inspire them. I show and explain, using common terms.

Light is how we see: more light, more clear details and accurate color. Photography means painting with light.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But even my photos, licensed clip art and text don’t convey what is in our hearts. Ya had to be there. I am so glad I was there!

Now just go look at the images and enjoy what Brie and Logan and all involved gave to the world. Memories worth cherishing. Thank you Brie and Logan.

I look forward to seeing what great adventures will unfold in your lives together.