Broken Dreams due to Tech, Social Media Overwhelm?

Are you stuck or overwhelmed with technology, business or marketing options? Want to Skype (insert anything here), but there’s a glitch? Give up? Someone says “hey, try this instead.” Do you follow up? Google it? See if it’s compatible with your gear?

No? WHY? Think you will break something? Not likely (unless you throw it across the room). Too hard? Maybe not the right teachers.

ANYONE can MASTER this IF you are committed, focused and follow good guidance. Write me when you are ready.

Not sure why or what to use to create your site, online ecommerce store? What to use for webinars? Maybe you don’t need webinars. You don’t need to do what everyone else does. Use FB ads? Instagram or Pinterest? I am not about showing you HOW.

Let’s talk about What and WHY YOU specifically need something. Or not. Offer suggestions. Then you follow up.

There’s this thing called “Google” and “YouTube.” Tons of blogs w/step by step screens and/or vid. You gonna keep allowing your life and creative work stop because you can’t figure it out?

Facebook groups, Google Hangouts, LinkedIn groups, Ning, and more. When you find the right group for YOU, you have access and support to so much info, so many time-saving real world answers. You gonna just shut down and say, oh, it’s too much for me? I can’t do it?

OPEN YOUR MIND to working with someone (me!) who knows why, where, how  to move forward.

People who know WHY and HOW to use technology are using it in BIG ways, making BIG money, making BIG differences. People who hesitate, argue, moan, complain or just stop growing and learning  are being left in the dust.

Yes, there’s a TON of tech options. You don’t have to do this alone.

Figuring out WHICH tools and WHY is one of my talents. I love sharing and showing people WHY and where to find HOW.  But first you must make a commitment NOTHING WILL STOP YOU. Not even technology. Marketing. Business. [Insert whatever is stopping you.]

Do you want to move forward, fly and taste freedom? Or be shackled to your beliefs you are not smart enough, good enough or it’s too much trouble?

I want and can help people who don’t know, are afraid, insecure or overwhelmed with tech, business and marketing options BUT willing to go forward. ONLY if and when YOU are 100%+ committed. NO excuses.

I offer something missing from the “How.” Plenty of people answer HOW online. I love to share those great resources.

I repeatedly witness a great need to instill confidence and breaking complex things down to simple steps. How can anyone move forward if they don’t know WHY computer technology? Social media options are getting way over the top. You do not have to jump on every new bright flashy hot thing to hit this week. LEARN to determine WHICH is best for YOUR Dreams, Visions, Plans.

EMBRACE GROWTH (which ONLY comes from learning, making mistakes and doing). Don’t flee at the word “learn.” Forget everything you know from being in school. This is different. This is for YOU. Make it fun.

“If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.”

Which are you? A maker, mover and shaker or too often throwing your hands up and finding excuses?

I’ve been teaching and talking about this since 1990. It’s 2015! What are you waiting for? Every day I meet good people stuck. I can’t go forward when they offer help re my punk archive cos they have tech issues and we can’t connect. Worse, YOU can’t go forward. Stuck in quicksand.

The answers are out there. Actually, the answers are IN YOU.

That is why when people who want to move forward but use excuses like “I am not good with technology” or “social media overwhelms me” limits them. Giving up so soon? Being stuck or not good at tech or marketing or writing or whatever is not good enough to stop me.

IF you want to win, win BIG. Play BIG. Don’t let something as minor as technology or marketing stop you!

Two questions:

How committed are you to YOUR Success? (Success being whatever you decide: serving others, making money, making a difference, whatever as long as no harm to any living being).

WHY are you holding yourself back? Think anyone got ahead by depending upon others to do things for them? If you don’t Skype but you need to talk to people, share info, then FIND SOMETHING which works. Figure out Skype. Or die on the vine.

DO OR DIE. That’s it. No sugar coating. No sparkly unicorns. Cos reality can be WAY BETTER than fairy tales. Be the Queen or King of YOUR Domain, BOSS of technology, social media, and all that and watch YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE.

This is your life. ONE CHANCE. What are you waiting for? I’m not saying this as the usual sales pitch. I really don’t know.

WHEN  you are ready, teachers appear. What will it take for you to take that first step, then the next, and the next … one step at a time.

This moment, right now, is YOUR Life. Is this the best you can do? Is this the best you want?

Lemme know when you are ready. I no longer try to convince someone the benefits of something if there’s doubt. Full speed ahead. Dream and Play Big or don’t bother.

The greater the will, the more inexhaustible the energy.” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda, Self-Realization Fellowship.

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