Jim Rohn’s Quotes To Inspire You

You are in for a treat if you are new to the late, great, Jim Rohn. His words, his teaching, his influence is far and wide. All I can say is: GOOGLE Jim Rohn. Start with his quotes. Then read more from Jim Rohn at Brainy Quote. I purchased his Treasury of Quotes from... read more

One Word to Improve Your Storytelling

Would you like to know ONE word to improve your ability to create compelling, engaging Storytelling posts, marketing, whatever? Spend a few minutes to hear what, how and why to use these proven guidelines to help your words convey your message, story or call to action.

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Should You Tell Someone Their Consultant Is Inadequate?

Should You Tell Someone Their Consultant Is Inadequate?

Has anyone asked you for free info they need to work for others? They do not want to pay you. Yet are charging someone for their “expert” advice? Some say find that client and warn them they are dealing with someone using free info and acting like an... read more

NEVER Barter Your Work And Why

Who wants to BARTER $5K design work for vegan food? WTF? This startup is near Beverly Center, The Grove, HIGH priced hood and they wanna BARTER for vegan food? SEE the scope of the work: “We have branding that we want to improve and want to create a web... read more

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