Computer Does Everything (Myth #1)

Gourds and Candles, Holidays, Embellishment and Photo by Jenny Lens, MFA, October 2013

How much does it cost to create a site like mine? What kind of planning, research, knowledge and skills to know what functionality is effective? First I created the layout, customized colors, decided what info would go where, organized the data (that last step is vital and so few do that!). What next? What has to be added to every site?

Social media buttons (installation, customization, inputting data), signup forms, questionnaires, sliders, fancy header, tabs, integrating Facebook’s new Insight and more.

WHY? Because it’s no longer enough to merely use a nice layout and some content. If you want to be successful, plan for expansion, but front load with connectivity tools. People are scattered about and you need a wide, deep net to scoop them up. We have to “meet people where they are.” All over the net. (more…)

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