Coaching: What YOU Need to Know Now To Make Money, Save Time and Be a Pro!

Hi! I’m pleased to offer affordable coaching appointments online. Twice this week I was asked about selling and licensing photos. Took many years of experience, research, and more to acquire this info, which cannot be answered in a simple sentence or two. Each situation is different, so this takes time and thought.

Learn from a PRO, not someone guessing online! Spend a little bit of money to make money.

  • I deal with a wide range of people and businesses with varying interests and audiences
  • For profit, non-profit, fun, hobbyist, or causes

I can offer guidance, clarity and support if you are:

  • Willing to explore various options to achieve your goals
  • Willing and able to put some time, focus and energy into your journey
  • Have an abundance and success mindset (or willing to work on that)

Coaching Fees:

30 minutes = $55,

60 minutes = $100,

90 minutes = $150.

People pay this much for juice delivery, yoga classes pr pants or even yoga mat bags, massages, haircuts, dinner, etc.

MY info can make you money, save you time and help YOU be more professional. It’s your life. How do you want to spend YOUR time and money?

Invest a few minutes to save MANY hours of frustration, confusion and possibly save money too! Time is money. I wish I had access to someone during my journey. Even taking classes, webinars, Facebook groups, no one presented info as I do.

I look forward to serving you.