Color Palette Generators: Remember the Human Element, So Vital in Color

Color Matters. Stop for a moment. Think and Feel about color. Colors help tell stories. But so many don’t feel comfortable around color. Or many teaching branding and marketing appear to have never worked in or thought about color from any realistic POV. Like real color theory. Color combos. Color meaning. How people use color. Psychology of color. Nada. Nothing. But they teach about it. Hmm.

One solution is relying on tech. Yep, let the computer choose colors for you! Well, yes and no. I wrote this awhile ago in response to one of way too many posts celebrating the computer’s ability to choose colors for you. How nice. Or not.

Thought-provoking post from the folks at ElegantThemes. I’ve used their products for years.

19 Color Palette Generators That Make Web Design Easier.” Being the devil’s advocate here. These are great tools. But some scary color combos. 🙁 Many are really brightly saturated. That can be difficult for some to read and enjoy. Light, bright orange or blue can be soooo uncomfortable on the eyes.

Ya can have the GREATEST color palette. But ya gotta try it out.

Sometimes that perfect color doesn’t hold up in text. Headlines, links, things like that. Gotta be prepared to play a bit. Be flexible.

A tiny suggestion: also look at how color affects us. Ya know, psychologically.

PLUS hello PINTEREST. You can find tons of great color combos based on photos. Very inspiring!

Please don’t ONLY rely on computer generated anything!!, especially COLOR. That’s NOT how Van Gogh, Seurat, Matisse, Monet, Renoir, Klimt and other great colorists created their memorable paintings.

LOOK AT ART. Also on Pinterest.

PLUS customers will often sign off colors, then see the site, and say no way. So be sure, if you are indeed in charge of colors for a site, logo or anything, you cover revisions in your contract!

Now have fun!

I know most don’t have time nor inclination to take color as seriously as I. That’s fine. BUT PLEASE LISTEN to artists too!

Don’t turn to tech for ALL your creative answers. Tech helps us … but it can never replace wisdom from artists. Many artists also wrote about the topic of color. LOTS of theories out there.

I am a trained, highly educated, exhibiting, published artist and photographer. I own many of books on color. As many classes on color I’ve taken, I’m still learning.

I’m also blessed with a highly developed sense of color. My whole life people commented on my colors in my varied fine art media. Color is fascinating and it’s a never ending journey studying and learning about color.

Now look and have fun :-).

PS that’s an affiliate link to ElegantThemes. Doesn’t cost you a cent, but they might send me some money if you use them via my link. You could do worse.