Course - Wild World of Ecommerce

You Can Sell Most Anything: 

  • Services such as consultant, trainer, teacher, healer, creatives and more
  • Products, including those created from Licensed Images
  • Only limited by your imagination
  • We’ll cover a WIDE range of options

You’ll pick up deep insights, tips, tricks, issues, work-arounds, and examples and more for Online Selling Success when dealing with the truly Wild World of Ecommerce.

Speak from your heart, provide products and service people want/need, use the best tech for you and your market’s needs all sound good and fine.

You’ll gain valuable inspiring actionable steps and ideas to manifest your goals. Which leads to less frustration, more free time and sales.

Tech can drive you crazy – but don’t give up! You have something of value to offer.

Each section relates to the other. I constantly refer to something already discussed so you can see thorough comparisons and pros/cons of many varied software platforms.

11 Video Topics and Sections:

  1. Introduction Overview
  2. Shopify: Exploring Various Shopify Stores
  3. Visual Branding
  4. Let’s Build a Shopify Store (plus stand-alone Buy Buttons using Shopify Lite)
  5. Squarespace Ecommerce
  6. WooCommerce with WordPress + Clip Art Resources
  7. POD Print on Demand Vendors and Stores
  8. Selling Digital Downloads and Printables plus Etsy, Ebay, Amazon
  9. Selling Photos and Partnered Labs and Products
  10. Product List using Shopify CSV Files and Help, with WooCommerce tips
  11. Legal Use of Content: Text, Music, Video and Images and Summary
  • We’ll discuss fundamental, essential yet often overlooked topics
  • We’ll dive deeply into many different online stores, their design, market niche, products and how to determine what software used behind each store
  • Then how to determine which ecommerce solution works best for your needs
  • Huge focus on design, content, user interface, flow, colors, products, search engine tools and tips
  • Not just store software, but what you can sell and how to market your products

Product List:

  • I’ll walk you step-by-step to creating a Product List to save many hours uploading product info and images, plus an invaluable backup and inventory list.
  • I cover some spreadsheet basics.
  • I am a MS Certified Excel Specialist, which I taught for years.
  • You’ll only learn the very basics to help you work more efficiently! (No math skills needed!)

I wanted to create simple, short demos. I’ve been asked so many questions, for many years, about selling in real life and online. I had to share hard-won real world experiences to answer real questions that most marketing hype you always see avoid or make hard to find. I walk the walk, “in the trenches,” unlike most trainers and teachers.  Plus I share real world experiences from other sellers in a wide variety of products and services.

So this turned into an online Workshop at least double the length of my other online Workshops. Blame the many variables and scenarios. The time you invest here will save you many dollars! Save you many more hours, either wasting time in the wrong app or listening to marketing pros who haven’t built a site or not selling what you are teaching. Lots of variables. You CAN get up and running in minutes. Or weeks. I provide something for everyone!

I’ve been selling online for over 15 years. Plus real world for many more years. Internationally to a wide variety of customers and business situations. Issues of licensing, protecting your work, using legal assets, where to find great clip art and stock photos, are covered. Plus design, search engine tips, writing stories to engage with your audience and make the sale.

My Experience and Why I’m Teaching what I Teach:

I am constantly asked a wide range of questions, plus for years, I so many searching for answers which formal education and school of hard knocks taught me. I teach what few teach, based on real world experience, education and expertise. Not just my experiences, but that of many others.

We cannot know it all! I love gathering and sharing valuable info.

I’ve been selling and licensing my infamous, iconic punk photos for many decades. Ok, first published in 1976. Sadly rarely paid back in the wild early days of punk rock. But “girls just wanna have fun.” I didn’t take this seriously. Had NO idea just how famous my photos and name would become.

That’s why I say to keep “Dreaming Big!” You can sell items for the fun, for non-profit, some extra money or pay off your mortgage. It all depends upon your attitude and how you use what you’ll learn in this online Ecommerce Workshop.

I started selling photos online in 2004. I used many platforms:

  • Yahoo Merchant
  • eBay
  • Joomla
  • Ecwid [“E-commerce Shopping Cart is Fast and Easy to Use! Set up an Online Store for …”]. I used with WordPress. Fast and Easy NOT!
  • Shopify Full Store
  • Shopify Lite
  • WooCommerce with WordPress
  • Plus software which either no longer exists or I abandoned and gladly forgot

I use WooCommerce with WordPress for my needs. Not an ideal situation, which I discuss.

By sharing real world experiences, YOU will be able to make wiser decisions about what you sell, how you sell it, marketing and more. That’s why I’m teaching this!

I taught at UCLA, Santa Monica College, and tons of other schools and computer training centers for years. Plus lifetime Adult Education Certificate from State of California. Plus I earned many degrees and certificates in artlaw, and digital tech.

Learning and Teaching is in my DNA. Plus making stuff. I love creating and sharing! Just for YOU!

  • Store Layouts, Content and Organization
  • Links for Themes and Support
  • Connect to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy and Apps
  • Pricing and features: Full Stores vs Shopify Lite
  • Shopify Image File Formats and Dimensions
  • Creating a Branded Style
  • We will explore this topic rather deeply because visuals are so vital for your branding, identity and storytelling
  • Explore Backend to create a Store, Products, and more
  • Choose and Customize a free Theme (layout)
  • Add Products, Collections and more
  • Build a Buy Button to put on WordPress, Squarespace or Wix
  • Pros/Cons of Shopify
  • Store Layouts, Content and Organization
  • Links for Themes and Support
  • Sell on Instagram and Pinterest
  • Pros/Cons of Squarespace for Ecommerce
Digital Downloads:
  • Squarespace only allows a 24 hour access to digital downloads
  • Shopify, WooCommerce with WordPress and other ecommerce platforms do not have that restriction
  • NOT the best store software to use for digital downloads at this time
  • All info is subject to change
  • Let’s hope they change that!
  • Explore various stores
  • Dive deeply into backend of WooCommerce with WordPress
  • Creating a new Product with text, prices and photos
  • Cost and Tech issues of Extensions
  • Sell on Instagram and Pinterest
  • Sell Photography
  • Pros/Cons of WooCommerce with WordPress
Clip Art, Stock Photos, Fonts and other Visual Assets:
  • We explore a few major WooCommerce stores selling Clip Art, Stock Photos and Fonts (and more)
  • Be inspired with tips from an international watercolor artist creating best-selling clip art packages (I own many of her clip art packages and have watched her business grow)
  • Additional sources of Clip Art, Stock Photos, and Fonts: either low cost or free
  • We look closely at fulfillment providers and stores used by major artists, scrapbookers, hobbyists, graphic artists and others
  • Explore various products, options, layouts and more
  • Examine options, base costs and profit margins
  • Discuss using with Shopify, Squarespace, Woo, Wix and others or using POD provided stores
  • Pros/Cons of POD Vendors and Stores
  • Digital Downloads and Printables can be highly profitable
  • How digital items can build your mailing list, sales funnel and market
  • Clip Art and Stock Photos and other items
Pros/Cons using the Etsy, eBay and Amazon:
  • I spend the least amount of time on the big three: they are easier to use, have their own fees and costs.
  • They require as much marketing as any other platform
  • Less suited for a many products than your own store
  • All depends what you are selling
  • Anyone who takes photos with phone or a camera can benefit from selling a variety of items
  • Not limited to serious photographers anymore!
  • Benefits of a Product List (CSV)
  • A Product List will save you hours of hard work! 
  • I provide a sample Product List YOU can use
  • I walk you through the basic benefits and features of a Product Spreadsheet or Table

Shopify CSV Help files:

Quick overview and link for csv sample files

Step by step csv help

Zipped csv sample files from Shopify:

Linking images:

Shopify: follow their procedure by uploading images first. Then copy/paste their url or web address into your spreadsheet.

WooCommerce: follow my samples in the video.  The following should work. If any problems, do what I do: Google it!

Add at least one product and image.

Warning: if you license music for a video you are posting on YouTube, be aware that you might be cited for “Infringement.” YouTube will not resolve this problem. You need to write to the company claiming you are using their music. After several emails and about a week later, you might finally get that infringement removed. 

Music performances and recordings are copyrighted or available freely. YouTube software doesn’t know if your piece is stolen or licensed or free. So they cite you. 

I’ve gone through this a few times and it’s maddening. I’ve had to deal with Getty Music and other heartless, greedy companies to get Infringements removed. 

Nw highlights of the video:

  • Protecting Yourself
  • Illegal usage of files found online or scanned can cost you thousands
  • Legal limitations using or selling anything you did not create
  • Where to find legal content and assets 
  • Protect your work: Pixsy, Watermarking, DMCA 
  • Your rights and limitations as a Content Creator
  • Overview of Fine Art, Editorial vs Merch/Commercial usage of images
  • When and where to seek legal help

Go Conquer the Wild World of Ecommerce! 

  • Here’s to YOUR Online Selling Success!
  • Congrats making it this far!
  • Now you are armed with more knowledge than most 
  • DIY or outsourcing: now make wiser decisions

Manifest Your Big Dreams at DreamingBig.Academy 

  • Now take more workshops at DreamingBig.Academy to help you stand out from the crowd
  • It’s all about Visual Branding and Storytelling
  • Plus dealing with ongoing Tech issues
  • You can do it with my guidance. And
  • If you are Dreaming Big, cos Dreaming Big Rocks!

Software Used

  • Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop 
  • Shopify and WooCommerce with WordPress
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Presentation (Free, buggy. Better than MS Office! )
  • Scrivener and TextEdit

Keep Dreaming Big cos Dreaming Big Rocks! Be the Online Seller Rockstar of YOUR Dreams! (my mantra)