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“Watch. Create. Shine.” Bundled Series

Visual Storytelling, Branding and Marketing Essentials Series Bundle with Bonus Images and Files

Create compelling, engaging storytelling, branded visual images. Topics include social media, web presence, ecommerce, mindset and more. Gain essential, creative and digital skills. Inspiring real world tips, tricks, tips and insights. Watch, Create. Bundled Shine! Series

Visual Storytelling

  • Photography for Branded Storytelling Images *WCS (learn from one of the most influential rock photographers.
  • Tarot or Oracle Cardmaking (develop your visual storytelling skills. Fairy tales, myths, song lyrics: any stories. Comfortably gain useful digital skills. My most fun, creative and productive course. Quite an uplifting journey.)
  • Visual Branding Design *WCS (learn from an acclaimed, educated, trained artist, BA in Art, MFA Design and more, published, exhibited. Taught computer graphic design. I walk this walk, unlike many. Sharing insider ART tips to ramp up your visuals!)
  • Lightroom Productivity and Creative Tools  *WCS (coolest way of organizing photos and clip art, add customizable filters, prep online, print and so much more. Works with Canva, Affinity, PowerPt, Keynote, Photoshop, etc. Awesomely fun and useful app!)
  • Create Marketable, Branded Images using Photoshop *WCS (think Pshop too hard? Think Canva easier? Yes for some projects. 
    — YOU’ll have FUN when YOU easily
    create images with your personal touch. Images that tell YOUR stories.
    — All images on this site, even the vids, need Photoshop. Not possible with Canva. Come on, give it a whirl!)


  • Photography for Branded Storytelling Images *WCS (learn from one of the most influential rock photographers)
  • What Camera? What Lens? What Dial? (quickstart Photography tips I wish I knew before I bought my pricey DSLR camera! Live, learn and teach others to not make common mistakes.)
  • Take Photos, Get Famous (gain skills that are hard to learn while shooting shows and events. Learn from the Pro! I’m majorly internationally published and exhibited. Photos in museums. You can have fun times shooting digital! But there are challenges shooting live shows. Use my pro tips!)

Web and Tech Related

Business Essentials