Create Tarot or Oracle Cards Using Clip Art, Photos and Apps

I wish I could convey the transformative, thrilling and peaceful experiences I felt while creating these cards and course! I felt like every cell in my body was alive, singing and dancing in harmony. I researched a wide variety of images and styles (to inspire you), symbols, stories, myths, yoga and Tarot. I grew and learned so much! Felt so good!

I want YOU to feel that joyous excitement. The thrill of creating something out of nothing. With my expert, patient, humorous guidance. 

NO Tarot reading nor teaching. I’m an artist and longtime real world teacher. I share tips, tricks and insights for expanding your creativity using digital tools. You can create Tarot, Oracle, Affirmation or Greeting Cards, Flyers, Scrapbook pages, Journals or social media images or … whatever your heart desires.

Example images in correct Tarot order. Except my three infamous early punk photos at the end. Their stories work best together. These musicians were vital to the earliest LA Punk scene and elsewhere. All changed our culture. All gone from this earthly presence. You can find inspiration from a variety of sources.

Discover the fun and joy of visual storytelling through images and symbols which are meaningful to you. Art is about expressing your thoughts, feelings, dreams, desires and experiences.

Tarot is about life’s adventures and journeys. We all start out the innocent, naive baby or “babe in the woods.” We go “into the woods” to experience our life’s adventures.

Delving into Tarot (or other stories) —  characters, symbols, colors and interpretations — can lead us to better understanding ourselves and our world.

Creating Tarot and Oracle cards can be meditative, healing and empowering. Fun too!

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