Create Tarot or Oracle Cards Using Clip Art and Photos

You can create Tarot, Oracle, Affirmation or Greeting Cards, Flyers, Scrapbook pages, Journals, Fine Art or Social Media images or … whatever your heart desires.

Start with any story, tarot, song lyrics, fairy tale, myths, affirmations, dreams, yoga asanas (poses), feelings. You’ll learn how to find and develop stories visually

I share tips, tricks and insights for expanding your creativity using art and color concepts with digital tools for storytelling images that resonate with others.

I’m an artist, published and exhibited photographer and longtime real world teacher. I dyed yarns and wove with my own loom, just like sorceress Morgan Le Fay in this Frederick Sandys painting. I photographed a small section of one of my many weavings.

I walk you through finding and legally getting a wide variety of images and styles for free or low cost. Then how to use many varied images.

I grew and learned so much! Felt so good!

I want YOU to feel that joyous excitement. The thrill of creating something out of nothing. With my expert, patient, humorous guidance.

I’m all about empowering YOU to discover and expand YOUR creativity and digital skills. This can be so life-transforming in great, unexpected ways. So needed in these stressful times.

See how YOU can use Tarot or any content to develop visual stories, learn art and use digital tech for your pleasure and/or profit.

I’ve created art in various media all my life. I’ve never experienced anything more fulfilling, more transcendent than making the cards you see here. I’d love for YOU to find that blissful joy!

I have no desire to teach Tarot nor read Tarot for others nor create decks to sell. I am saying this because people keep assuming that is my offer.

This is all about YOU using art, digital tools and technology, and any stories which resonate with you to create storytelling images.

Hi Jenny!!! I love the course!!! I’m half way thru….so good. So thorough and comprehensive.
Btw, you have a wonderful speaking/teaching voice. I would have loved having you as a teacher in college!
Learning so many tips and being so inspired with Discussion of Tarot Resources!! (How to Create Tarot or Oracle Cards using Clip Art and Photos) ~ Tricia Minette, paralegal (and Rolf).

“Jenny’s online photo class has been a fun and easy way to introduce myself further into the world of photography and get some amazing insights from one of the real talents. I would rate my course 10/10 for inspiration alone. Thank you Jenny!

I actually sprayed that last flower with a spray bottle to get more interesting image like you did in one of the lessons in “Photography for Branded Storytelling Images.”Mark Heck, massage therapist

Designed for Newbies to Experienced with an Open Heart and Mind

Welcome! I’m so excited to share this with you.

How would you feel if you could:

    • Express yourself creatively with visual storytelling, using archetypes from the Tarot, oracle, affirmations, fairy tales, myths, your fave stories, personal tales, song lyrics or any story
    • Deal with emotions and personal issues using digital creative tools (digital art is my therapy, despite being frustrating at times)
    • Create without prior art skills or training
    • Learn inspiring tips on color and design
    • Learn how to find useful, legal sources of free and inexpensive clip art and photos
    • Watch through the eyes of an acclaimed artist, with a BA in Art and Master of Fine Arts in Design degrees
    • Use time saving secrets from one of the TEN MOST influential rock photographers of all time
    • Would that help you feel more creative, more fulfilled? 

If Yes, shine some light your way! Tons of freebies ONLY if you ACT NOW!

How to Create Tarot or Oracle Cards Using Clip Art and Photos

9 fun, inspiring hours which will fly by with fun and ideas!

Spend as little or much time as you want. Lots of good info to use on ANY images you make for play or profit!

First three sessions discuss the three page PDF with linked resources. I don’t believe in giving you a PDF with links and that’s it.

Then let the creative and productive fun begin! I walk you through everything, sharing ALL my secrets!

    • Tarot PDF1 – Discussion of Clip Art and Stock Photos, 37 minutes
    • Tarot PDF2- Discussion of Creative Commons and how to find and get free art from Museums, 65 minutes
    • Tarot PDF3- Discussion Intro to Tarot Resources, 61 minutes
    • Tarot 1- Introduction to Photoshop and Lightroom, 52 minutes
      • Lightroom is an amazing app to help you organize, find, modify images and more.
      •  All the images you see on all my sites and social media were modified or created in Photoshop.
      • I show you how much fun,  how easy and powerful Photoshop is!
      • You can use other graphics apps with similar functions.
    • Photoshop Color Picker – Color Wheel – Hue Saturation, 17 minutes
    • Tarot 2- Coloring Book Pages: Adding Colors, Gradients and Intro to Textures, 72 minutes
    • Tarot 3- Selections, Textures, Hue and Saturation, 52 minutes
    • Tarot 4- Simple Tarot Layouts and Layer Effects (fx), 98 minutes
    • Tarot 5 – Painting and Advanced Storytelling, 98 minutes

Unique Limited Time Bonus Photos and Textures

    • I created 40 free, unique, curated textures for your use. (Most sell texture packages for $30-$50)
    • Plus 15 of my Fine Art Stock Photos. (Most sell a photo for at least $5-$10 each)
    • Plus 13 of my classic, famous Punk Rock photos. (Sadly, you cannot sell these because you need a model release from the performers.)
    • Ideal for scrapbooking, social media, products, journaling, fine art, graphics, coloring books, greeting cards, affirmations and so much more.
    • Easy to understand step-by-steps to illuminate your path.
    • Enjoyable, Fun and Meaningful to focus on Tarot, Oracle, various symbols, stories, fairy and folk tales, myths or whatever makes your heart sing

Free with early-bird registrations! Then gone.

Your choice to read details or not. Some want details and others take action right away.  

  • Explore how images, textures and colors convey meaning, emotions and tell your stories
  • You’ll see art from various eras and artists to expand your visual possibilities
  • Play with and combine various images for engaging, compelling art.
  • Learn valuable digital skills and concepts to use for social, fine art, graphics and more!
  • What resonates with you?
  • What makes your heart sing?
  • What stories do you want to tell?
  • What Tarot or Oracle cards, or fairy, folk, wonder tales, mythology, any stories help YOU express your feelings, your story?
  • Where and how to obtain and use legally licensed clip art and stock photos
  • Using legal images means you can sell and give away your work
  • Use your own photos and art with commercial images
  • See examples of images never to use due to legal issues (don’t get sued!)
  • You’ll explore combining modern imagery with vintage images
  • Black and white line drawings from 19th century with modern watercolor and texture backgrounds
  • Mid-century (1950s) or 1980s clip art for fun cards
  • Metaphysical, spiritual, pagan images and photos
  • Combine photos with line art
  • Line art and textures
  • Plus be inspired by existing cards: tarot, oracle, and traditional greeting cards
  • Scrolling through endless grids of images is not efficient for creating art!
  • You’ll see how to create and name folders and images
  • See how my organization helps you focus on creating, not searching for files
  • Watch and be inspired!
  • You’ll learn how to erase and add elements to line art
  • Resize, flip, rotate images
  • See how to add or change colors to whole image or specific areas
  • Learn basic color theory (especially as it relates to Tarot, feelings, and telling your stories)
  • Basic discussion of how typography makes a difference in visual storytelling
  • Tips how to choose best font for your story and image
  • Easily create complex images using simple layers
  • See the advantages of using layers, missing in other programs, which limit your options
  • See how to legally get and use various paintbrushes
  • Use various paintbrushes to give different effects (watercolor vs oil, for example)
  • Change size and opacity easily

Researching,* designing and creating nearly three dozen cards was/is an amazing experience! I create digital (and traditional) art ALL the time. But nothing like this.

I want YOU to know this feeling: being so engrossed the world falls away.

Learning and creating can help you forget about real world issues, worries and woes.

*I researched because I’m not a Tarot pro in the traditional sense. I don’t read nor teach.

I’m also not a huge fan of Rider-Waite-Smith. I much prefer decks like Wheel of Change and Chrysalis.

These decks integrate mythology, multicultural symbols, Jungian theory, with major focus on transformation. I was drawn to these decks due to their art. These are just a few of the many decks I own which inspire me visually and with their information. I learn so much from their books and so much more info online.

Plus I created Yoga cards. Cards with quotes. I wanted to tell my story effectively. The more I learned, the more fulfilling my journey.

You don’t have to worry about “getting it right.”

No grades. No judgment.

Follow your heart. If you love learning and creating, this is a very unique workshop course. I can’t wait to make more cards. I’ve a long list of ideas. 

When you tap into your creativity and endless sources of inspiration, creating these storytelling cards becomes an enjoyable adventure you want to continue.

I created these images using the kind of images discussed in the PDF and first three sessions. 

My images in correct Tarot order. Except my three infamous early punk photos at the end. Their stories work best together.

These musicians were vital to the earliest LA Punk scene and elsewhere. All changed our culture. All gone from this earthly presence. You can find inspiration from a variety of sources.

Discover the fun and joy of visual storytelling through images and symbols which are meaningful to you. Art is about expressing your thoughts, feelings, dreams, desires and experiences.

Tarot is about life’s adventures and journeys. We all start out the innocent, naive baby or “babe in the woods.” We go “into the woods” to experience our life’s adventures.

Delving into Tarot (or other stories) —  characters, symbols, colors and interpretations — can lead us to better understanding ourselves and our world.

Creating Tarot and Oracle cards can be meditative, healing and empowering. Fun too!

  • Every lesson in each online workshop is listed and accessed separately, even for bundles
  • Lifetime access for each online workshop
  • Watch whatever you want, whenever you want
  • Lessons last as long as you want or need to complete a particular project or goal
  • No tests, no grades, no pressure
  • See and learn how and why a REAL artist uses REAL tools and techniques to create compelling, memorable images which convey stories, add content and context to whatever story is being told
  • I share mistakes, gotchas, and work-arounds
  • You don’t have to be perfect to create art
  • But learning, using and enjoying art and marketing basics really make a difference!
  • Feel good, have fun and go with the flow.
  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection
  • Chrome using tablet, laptop and computer monitor are best viewing experiences
  • (Safari is problematic. I love Macs. But Chrome browser is so much more powerful and easier to use.)
  • Designed on and for larger monitors
  • You can use Android and IOS. Not optimum choice for most of the courses due to small screen size
  • This is about seeing and understanding how and why visuals make huge differences in our lives, creations, work and communities
  • Best learning habit, optional, but THE best tip I can ever give anyone: Taking notes digitally or with pen, pencil, paper 
  • ALL text and images are the property of attributed copyright holder(s).
  • DO NOT copy text or images or vids and use elsewhere.
  • Do not sell, give away, share or in any way distribute any of this content without expressed written permission from Jenny Lens, MFA.
  • Exceptions: public domain or credited to another source.
  • Please link to DreamingBig.Rocks and please mention my name. (Thank you!)
  • Learn from someone in the trenches!
  • No refunds
  • Thank you! Now go have fun!

“Jenny’s online photo class has been a fun and easy way to introduce myself further into the world of photography and get some amazing insights from one of the real talents. I would rate my course 10/10 for inspiration alone.” ~ Mark Heck

Adorama, THE most prestigious photo gear supplier and photo lab for decades, said I am one of the ten most influential rock photographers of all time.

Wow, don’t YOU WANT to get insider secrets from someone who gets THAT kind of press and recognition?

Jenny Lens was not just one of the few photographers chronicling the early punk scene in both North America and London, she was also one of the few women working in a very male-dominated field. Her life is pretty fascinating and made up of the three acts usually associated with characters in movies and novels.”

Free Coloring Book Pages –  Special Limited Time Offer

Get some of my most beloved, iconic Punk Photos and fun floral images to color.

Plus get my Gotta-have Best Digital Tools List. Only when you Sign up for my erratic emails and newsletters.

You’ll get 5 of the 8 images below. Want all 8 and see how to color them? Take the Tarot or Oracle Cardmaking course.

Plus more bonus images and info in the “Watch. Create. Shine” Workshop Courses or Special Bundles.

Jenny Lens, Punk Pioneer, when Punk Was Fun

Artistic Alchemist, Creative Instigator, Transformation Teacher, Punk Photographer and all that jazz

My mission is to remove fear and doubt, be inspiring and share the magic of art and tech.

Please investigate Punk Pioneers by photographer Jenny Lens, who captured the scene so perfectly.” Henry Rollins, LA Weekly

“The infamous Jenny Lens, supreme master of the punk rock photo.” ~ San Francisco Bay Guardian [And straight up rock too!]

“The was a time when Punk Rock was dangerous, man — in a cerebral way. And Jenny Lens was there to record it all.” ~ Garage Magazine

Patti Smith called me “the girl with the camera eye.Shouted from LA’s Roxy stage, pointing to me, Nov 15, 1976. 

Patti told me “She still dares other photographers to take better photos than I.” The Roxy, August 2002. 

Iggy Pop told me my photos were as good as his photographer. He asked me where I’d been. I said, “Earning art degrees.” He smiled and nodded. I learned from artists. Now you can learn from me!  Start now and join the fun @ Take Photos. Get Famous.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

“Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success. When you do a thing, do it with all your might. Put your whole soul into it. Stamp it with your own personality. Be active, be energetic, be enthusiastic and faithful, and you will accomplish your object. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”