Creating Art Keeps the Blues Away

Creating art every day keeps the blues away (c) Jenny Lens, MFA

Today is #MentalHealthDay (October 11). Lady Gaga talking about suffering from a mental illness: PTSD.

How many of us deal with PTSD? I make art, classes, learn, read. ONLY way I keep my sanity.
Our insurance and trained ‘pros’ are CRUEL. It’s a pathetic joke you can get help. Took a lotta work and time on my part to find any therapy.
I went thru THREE so-called therapists. They all added to my distress. I was treated like a number. Made to feel worse than I already felt.
I cannot believe how many HEARTLESS ppl work in the field of ‘therapy.’ It might be ok for ppl on meds. But if you wanna work thru your issues and no meds, good luck with that.
AND I’ve learned to STFU. The powers that be don’t wanna hear any justifiable criticism. If ya realize that sometimes engaging only makes it worse for yourself, it helps.
It’s not chickening out. It’s knowing when to avoid a non-winnable argument. :'(
NO meds as effective as making art. None. Period. Bring back art therapy. Use your computer! So many art programs literally at our fingertips.
Can anyone relate? Anyone wanna learn to make the art which heals me? And so many others?
(c) Jenny Lens 2018