Dennis Hellwig Natural World Traveller Photographer

Milky Way, Mongolia by Dennis Hellwig

Living in rather warm Los Angeles, ‘city of electric lights,’ to quote my fave punk band, X (I have a long history with them), it’s hard to see stars. I often look up and wish I could see more than a small handful of stars.

A neighbor once drove us a bit north of LA. Not too far, but far enough to be away from city lights. Oh wow! The sky was full of stars. I only wanted to lay on my back and look.

To say I was delighted when I found these photos is an understatement! Not only stars, but the Milky Way! The photographer, Dennis Hellwig, explained how he shot it. I can’t begin to understand, because it involved two exposures and a flashlight.

Read his wonderful story about Mongolian nomads in the Gobi desert, happy in their lives. I cannot imagine dealing with this, the sand, the night, the cold. Total admiration for photographers like Dennis!

Details how he shot this and about his subjects.

I belong to many Facebook groups. That’s how I found these amazing photos. He’s on Instagram: Dennis Hellwig.

What do you say? Any photographers you admire for not only their skill and talent, but ability to deal with the elements? The physical prowess and patience needed. Just stunning!

Want to see more? Buy prints? Go to Dennis Hellwig Prints. (I make no money from this link. Purely sharing his artistry cos I’m a fan. He doesn’t even know me.)

Dennis Hellwig, Mongolian Eagle Hunter