Discover Kandinsky

Yellow-Red-Blue, Wassily Kandinsky, 1925

Wassily Kandinsky was a musician and pioneering artist. His art made music visible. Entitled “Compositions,” a play on music and art. His writings on spirituality and art are classic and inspiring. Truly a vital artist. One of my faves.

I love his bold colors, shapes + composition. Also taught and worked at Bauhaus, due to his adventurous spirit and creative breakthroughs.

I have a few books on Kandinsky and seen his work in museums. Takes my breath away. I just love his visions and courage to paint entirely on his own terms. Unlike any other artist previously or since.

I like that his unique POV much as his art. Which intrigues me, draws me in.

Makes me wanna dance with colors. Which is exactly what I do in my art. Not punk photos. My real art. From my heart, soul and visions.

#PeterJones on Twitter always posts cool art. Check this out:

“Painting at Bedtime. Yellow-Red-Blue. Wassily Kandinsky was a Russian artist who spent much of his life in Germany and France. He was a noted art theorist whose writings and art were very influential. He is credited with being perhaps the first truly abstract artist.”

I researched and wrote an AMAZING paper on Kandinsky and spirituality. I was in college. I researched at the historical Brand Library in Glendale and UCLA libraries. I stupidly never made a copy. I was taking an elective class on art and spirituality. (I also wrote on Bosch, again very researched.) This was decades before these artists become popular again. I never kept my college pages. Silly girl, ya know!

Read more at superb Wassily Kandinsky site.

Any Kandinsky fans? He’s all over the net. Oh how lovely, listening to Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite. Play it loud. Morning Mood, anytime music. Watch the musicians move to the music as they play #PeerGyntSuite #EdwardGrieg (nothing more lilting than Morning Mood) while writing about and thinking of Kandinsky.

Play it loud. Morning Mood, anytime music. Watch the musicians move to the music as they play it. #PeerGyntSuite #EdwardGrieg

Light, colorful, music, ethereal and yet solid.