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HOW can I need money? Well, this costs a lot of money! Hardware and software. Time spent doing this and not making money. PLUS years of people STEALING my photos, embezzling and defaming me. Those are some of the reasons I’m doing this. So YOU don’t experience this!

Donations Venmo, Jenny-Lens or Jenny Lens. If outside USA, PayPal please.

PayPal will say Jenny Lens Punk Archive. I set this up before I created Dreaming Big Rocks Online Workshops. My two activities work together!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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I need help to make rent to save my archive and my life so I CAN HELP YOU!

Since 1976, I’ve spent many tens of thousands of dollars and hours creating, preserving and sharing my classic punk photos, stories and vids. Takes more than pushing a button! 

Plus, I created Workshops (info above) so YOU can save time and money gaining new skills, insights, INSPIRATION and have fun! That too took money and more time than you can imagine.

If YOU have enjoyed my photos, advice, inspiration, please help me!

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