eBay HELL vs Praises to Me as a Buyer

I have been buying from eBay since 2002. I have received 232 Praises, plus a Blue Badge for being an excellent repeat buyer. I will NEVER buy from eBay again. That breaks my heart.

eBay decided to get rid of REAL humans. Instead, you have to use their automated system. DO NOT BELIEVE their Guarantee. They, and some of their sellers, will waste your time, make you cry, call you a lying thief and worse.

I finally contacted PayPal and my bank. Still waiting for $16.03.

I will never put myself through this again. Sharing because I cannot email this to them. Twitter not letting me post these nor send via DM. They ARE low res images. Sometimes tech is hell.

But it’s worse when a company, especially eBay, makes it hard for buyers and sellers. (Also, eBay ILLEGALLY sells MY copyrighted photos. More deets below.)

This is last message from seller:

I HAVE NO IDEA why I have TWO eBay accounts! I used a newer account. Seller thinks I’m new. No way! I have dropped lots of money over the years. I bought a favorite lens. I bought crystals, dolls, doll clothing and accessories (all for photos) and some other items. Here are the first and last pages of unsolicited praise from sellers. I am an honest buyer.

PS eBay now, as in the past, is selling MY copyrighted photos quite illegally! I can never stop them. I get some to stop, then others ILLEGALLY SELL MY COPYRIGHTED PHOTOS on eBay.