Facebook Friend Request Netiquette

Facebook limits each personal profile to 5,000 names. 

If you don’t know someone, FOLLOW. We can have unlimited followers. That is MY preferred method for strangers or people I do not know well when I want to see their posts. Thank you.

Facebook encourages PagesBut people REFUSE to use my Pages. Instead, they bombard my personal profile with mindless friend requests.

Do you KNOW YOU MUST TURN ON ‘Get Notifications’? Or else you won’t see posts!

Facebook accuses ME of Spamming when I send messages explaining what I just wrote. YOU put ME IN DANGER cos YOU can’t bother to THINK about how to use Friends vs Followers. YOU COULD GET ME KICKED OFF FACEBOOK!

Plus, YOU make ME work, to see who you are, WHY do you want to be friends? I can only say yes to 5,000. YOU are wasting MY time when you don’t introduce yourself.

Now you might be thinking, wow, she’s a nasty bitch. Nope, I’ve been using Facebook since 2008. I’m tired of people wasting my time. Tired of explaining this endlessly. I’m busy.

LEARN TO USE TECH and remember, treat people as you would in real life!

Facebook friend requests means sending a message to everyone before you send a friend request.

Only exception are people you know well in real life, with strong history, so they remember you if it’s been awhile.

A passing acquaintance, someone you just met, or a stranger requires a proper introduction. Include your intentions and goals. Why do you want to be friends?

NOW imagine HOW many Friend Requests some people get? I post my punk photos, and I’m bombarded with Friend Requests FROM STRANGERS. Whom I’ll rarely, if ever, hear from again.

Any idea how much I do NOT want punk fans in my life? I don’t want and never wanted hangers-on. Thanks don’t pay my bills! I work so hard and I get thanks? How would you feel?

BUT if you really CARE about what I write about: living a creative, motivated, caring life aware of art, politics, the environment, and yeah, small biz stuff, then WRITE me on Facebook. Tell me WHY you wanna be friends.

If YOUR profile is locked down, don’t even dare reach out to strangers. You can see my wall, you can make comments, and I don’t know who you are?

Treat people online as you would face to face.

Treat people with compassion, empathy, kindness and consideration.

Would you invite a stranger into your home, shows up outside your door, no name, no idea what they want, but they expect to come in, make themselves right at home?

That is what YOU are doing when you Friend Request strangers or people who barely know you or haven’t heard from you in a long time.

Basic, common sense. Yet 97% of Facebook uses are oblivious to these facts, although easily accessible on numerous websites, as well as Facebook itself.

Imagine this: you are walking down the street. Someone likes what you are wearing, overhears something you say, or recognizes you because you might be known. That person wants to come into your home, but you don’t know their intentions. Is this encounter worth your time, can you trust them, and why should you say yes?

Facebook has its rules. People have their boundaries. Nothing worse than people who send friend requests and then you never hear from them again. They don’t comment, they don’t interact, they only post about their businesses or what they ate

Worse, they ONLY post about rock n roll. Great for them. I love my punk history, but it’s painful. I also DO NOT LIVE IN THE PAST. Who wants or needs friends like that?

Yet MOST people behave like the rude strangers I’ve described.

Why is that? I truly don’t know. I do know my friends and I won’t go there.

Think about that the next time you Friend Request on Facebook.