About Jenny Lens, MFA: Visual Storytelling Alchemist for Branding, Marketing, and Art. Earth mother hippie punk.

Why are people turning to ME for my creative, marketing and technical expertise?

I’m the most internationally published and exhibited first gen punk rock photographer, West Coast, 1976-80. PunkPioneers.com.

I use tech and solid art concepts and skills to keep my invaluable punk archive alive. Plus creating my growing library of Fine Art Stock Photos, which I’ll probably offer for sale.

I create everything you see totally 100% myself. Plus informally share with many.

Named “the Girl with the Camera Eye,” by punk godmother, Patti Smith.

Most published early punk rock photographer, first gen, west coast. Photos in major museums, docs, books, mags, and various collections. Real Rock Star!

My iconic early photos of the Ramones, Clash, Blondie, Patti Smith, Iggy, Devo, X, Germs, and so many more now-acclaimed bands is part of rock n roll history. I shot them during their first or early West Coast tours. Plus the Stones, Kiss, Led Zep, Bob Marley, Divine and Andy Warhol (unusual in LA). More: PunkPioneers.com.

My photos are part of American History (Smithsonian, our national museum), American Art History (Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, our most prestigious major art museum, Grammy Museum, Rock Hall of Fame, and more.

My solo photo book “Punk Pioneers” became a sought-after acclaimed book. My stories enthralled my fans as much as my photos. However, I realized I acquired valuable knowledge while building my photo archive business. I decided to share my knowledge with others. I constantly build and refine an international team of experienced, skilled and talented colleagues.

My photos will be seen as long as people are into rock n roll! Or longer.

Many years creating stores, merch, dealing w/labs, galleries, customers and so much more. Seen/done it all with my classic punk photo archive, published & exhibited internationally.

Let’s create, heal and have fun! Dreaming Big Rocks! Whether working solo or in community, we all have something to share with one another. Lemme share my tips with you!

Cos that’s what life is about: Creating and Sharing. Thank you for being here.

  • I was awarded a State of California Standard Designated Teaching Credential and Adult Education Certification for Life.
  • Plus various college degrees (BA in Art, CSUN, MFA in Design, CalArts) and additional certifications (Computer Graphics Professional, UCLA).
  • MOUS Microsoft Office User Specialist Certificate: Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

I know, use and teach what people need to know to be marketable in the online world and in real life. I live to learn and teach and use. Constantly researching and participating in teaching and learning groups online. Tech changes so much and so quickly.

I taught at major universities, colleges, vocational and training centers. Plus real world office experience. I have been self-employed and relying only on my ability to learn and use state-of-the art, professional software to maintain my professional growth.  Plus taught at major computer and animation conferences.

I am contacted for my photos, to license or buy, due to my high level knowledge and skills in marketing, web design, design, photography and more.

I’ve been called one of the ten MOST influential rock photographers. I am the most published photographer, in all the world, of my genre and era in all the West Coast. My Punk Pioneers wild site showcases some of the publications, museums (Smithsonian and Metropolitan Museum of Art, MOCA in LA, Grammy Museum, Rock Hall of Fame and more), plus videos, slideshows, photos and stories. Fans love my sites!

Praise for Jenny Lens as Teacher and Photographer

“Jenny’s photo class has been a fun and easy way to introduce myself further into the world of photography and get some amazing insight from one of the real talents. From her amazing shots of punks greats, to real world aptitude, I felt honored to catch some insider tips to apply to my day to day photos and try to go further than I thought before. ~ Mark Heck

“Jenny has a great knack to make you look around and capture the mood either through manipulating manual settings or making the best of what you have at hand. I would recommend checking out these courses to anyone who wants to dream big and get inspired. I would rate my course 10/10 for inspiration alone. Thank you Jenny!” ~ Mark Heck

“I consider you a source of info, if not an expert, on so many topics: art, photography, fancy computer web/tech stuff I know nothing about.” ~ Andrea Stone-French

“You’re remarkable,” ~ Felicia Marie Tomasko, Editor of LA Yoga and Bliss magazines

If you know there’s a better life, and willing to explore, with an adventurer’s POV, then let’s start your journey. Treasures await you, around you and most of all, inside you. Keep dreaming big. Cos when you are dream big, you rock.

Said by a REAL Rockstar Photographer! My early punk rock photos are internationally recognized as great works of art. When punk was more than merely fashion. When punk was a Cultural Revolution. When punk was fun.

Subjects Taught

I only teach those programs I use on a nearly daily basis. THESE are the programs solo/entrepreneurs need to know, and know well, if they want to succeed online. Whether teaching or selling, informing or entertaining, these are essential. Plus many smaller pieces of software designed for more limited, but necessary usage (not all listed).

  • Adobe: Photoshop, Lightroom.
  • WordPress is THE number one online platform for web design. I’ve been designing complex blogs, sites and ecommerce stores since the technology began. Plus WooCommerce for ecommerce.
  • Shopify and other specific task related apps.
  • Scrivener for writing and organizing huge amounts of files.
  • Google Docs, LibreOffice or MS Office: Word Processing, Spreadsheet, and Presentation (I am a Certified by MS as a MOUS or Microsoft Office User Specialist).
  • Dragon Dictate, GarageBand, QuickTime for Podcasts and recording my voice for classes, eCamm for webinars, and various other programs.

I taught a wide-range of computer programs and design courses at at universities and colleges (UCLA, Santa Monica College and more), computer training centers (CompUSA), vocational centers (JVS) and many more, plus one-on-one. Yadda yadda yadda.

Now go be inspired and make stuff. Have fun!

I don’t like to write about myself. I’ve been told not to list resume and educational accomplishments. I edited and deleted most of my teaching and work experience. Hello, you want to learn from someone with no knowledge, no education nor experience? Or people with the actual real world chops? So if this rambles, GET OVER IT. This is not about me. LOOK at my photos, watch the vids, and check out my photos.