Workshop FAQs

Can I see any paid lesson and workshop at any time, in any order?
  • Every lesson in each workshop is listed and accessed separately
  • Watch whatever you want, whenever you want
  • Lessons last as long as it takes to complete a particular project or goal
  • See and learn how and why a REAL artist uses REAL tools and techniques to create compelling, memorable images which convey stories, add content and context to whatever story is being told
  • I share mistakes, gotchas, and work-arounds
  • You don’t have to be perfect to create art. But knowing some art and marketing basics really make a difference!
  • No tests, no grades, no pressure
  • No Photoshopping your face onto an athlete’s face. No bribery needed
  • Feel good, have fun and go with the flow

Best Viewing and Learning Experience

  • Chrome, Android and IOS are preferred platforms
  • IF Safari an issue, please install Chrome
  • Need wi-fi or ethernet connection
  • Preferable using a tablet, laptop or computer monitor for the more creative classes