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[I usually either ONLY use images I created, legally purchase, or public domain from prominent art museums. ONLY files clearly indicted as ‘public domain.’ I don’t have need to steal other people’s work. I make my own. Plus I OBEY copyright laws.]

All images watermarked with my name are copyrighted. All images without any watermark are also copyrighted. My photos are NOT public domain because they are online, in books, or whatever. My photos are MY legal property. If you attempt to sell or license or in ANY way profit from MY photos or original text, you can expect a nasty letter from my attorney. Or worse.

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Viral marketing often benefits all of us. I’m not making money from YOUR thoughts and images, only mine!

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What if I don’t like the class: No refunds. I clearly state what the classes are about. I’ve invested YEARS and THOUSANDS of dollars to create these classes. And you couldn’t find ANYTHING worthwhile? Sorry, but c’est la vie. I’ve spent far more for far less. I worked really hard on this. Harder than ANY of my college or other teachers online. Or IRL.

FINALLY: I monitor the content to the best of my ability. I don’t allow bigoted, negative or hateful content. I reserve the right to #resist. If you disagree, you will be silent or move on. Or sent to the cornfield. (Google it.)

Some might find MY language, subject matter, content offensive. Simply don’t read my posts or view my photos. I work hard to create community with LIKE minded individuals. I don’t try to please everyone.

I’m one of the early AUTHENTIC early punks, what do you expect? I believe in the power of creativity via images, words and music, mythology, tarot, metaphysics, astrology, fairy tales and “let fury have the hour, anger can be power,” to quote my fave band, the Clash. I believe in the REDEEMING power of love and forgiveness too.

If you don’t like what or how I write, pls STFU. I have no problem blocking IPs and reporting abuse, here, Facebook, anywhere. I’ve no time for hatred. I do not feed trolls.

Love is the greatest power. Honesty is liberating. Take care and enjoy! Namaste.


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I am teaching you things I had to teach myself. I share what I don’t like, what needs to improve, and what is essential for a wide variety of visual needs. So don’t steal from me.

Learn from me!

I teach invaluable things I learned and figured out via school of hard knocks, classes, books, groups, and good old elbow grease (I worked at this!).

This is about my Punk Photo Archive. But I hint at the numerous thefts of my photos. It’s easier to track down digital photos. Just take my classes and learn how to be legal, ok!!

The ONLY reason I work on my archive 24/7 is to share a fascinating piece of history that I documented. I was acutely aware I was part of a cultural revolution. I didn’t earn several art degrees and stay up many nights for many years reading art history and early movie history (my passion) for nothin’.

Some people don’t understand this is MY work (unless otherwise noted). That means I OWN IT.

Please refer to my Resume/Books/Docs page. My photos are the most published from the earliest LA punk scene.

I shot some of the MOST CLASSIC photos of PATTI SMITH, BLONDIE, RAMONES and other NY/Brit icons, as well as GERMS, X, AVENGERS, 1976-1980. My photos are in ALL the major projects currently in release and been in continuous international print, film, whatever since 1976.

You do not use MY photos or MY stories to derive art, merchandise, articles, books, movies, documentaries or anything based upon MY intellectual property UNLESS you contact and credit me. You do not link to my photos by using my bandwidth (no hotlinking). You download and re-post with permission and live linked credit [details below and in my footer].

People who steal from me, also steal from all the performers I shot, all the fans and people who want to see my pix and read my stories. All I wanna do is get my pix out there, and be compensated. As Iggy sang, “I gotta right!” [Ah, I have Iggy stories. Up close and personal. Raw power!]

DO NOT USE MY WORK to promote you or make money. THAT IS STEALING.

HOW TO LINK TO MY PHOTOS: This is old. If confusing, Google it.

Here’s sample code for an image and live link back to me. Just insert proper info for where the images reside and their jpg name. Alt code is great for Google and other searches, and will bring peeps to your site, cos search engines can’t see images, only read alt tags. Alt code helps peeps find YOUR site! Alt code is limited to only text and commas, but no apostrophes or quote marks, cos they are used for the beginning and end of the alt tag info.

When you see [ use or upper case period, which is the close html tag: [img src=”https://flckr.com/123456789.jpg” alt=”So and so, Jenny Lens”] [a href=”https://jennylens.com”]So and so by Jenny Lens[/a]

Put this text on two lines — [img src] and [a href] lines — so the text is under, not next to pix. Now, this will not display correctly for some feed readers, but WTF, that’s a whole other lesson. Let’s tackle just those in front of their computers, for now.

Uncredited/unlinked photos violate my copyright and makes you a thief!

Thank you and write Jenny so we can reciprocate the link!