Fiber Arts, Crafts and Digital Tools

Hello! I’m a traditionally trained artist, with emphasis on fiber and textiles. And other media. I’m sharing my knowledge of photography, art, visual branding, online info, ecommerce  and overall use of digital tools to enhance, document and share and if applicable, sell our art in my “Watch. Create. Shine.” workshops. Creating community, keeping traditional art and cultures alive and growing.


  • My homepage lists all the workshops. You can click on them, to see what each offers.
  • Topics range from photography; graphics and imaging software; basic design, color, layout, inspiring art history to effective online strategies and the wild world of ecommerce.
  • So many choices: which social media platforms (preparing images discussed in the graphics and imaging software), to various insights and tips about websites/blogs, and ecommerce, with its many options for buying and selling
  • Each Workshop stands alone, but designed to be more effective if taken as a whole
  • Fun, inspiring, uplifting and uniquely designed for creatives dealing with tech
  • Using any and all tools to serve our creativity and community (and of course, our needs too!)

You do NOT have to read the following. I’ve found it’s not always obvious why or how real world artists can benefit from a full suite of programs and knowledge using Digital Tools. Many artists and crafters say they are not techie.

But what are knitting needles? A loom? A spindle? A paintbrush? A bandsaw? Are they not technical? Aren’t they tools too?

I embrace digital as I do the creative tools I just mentioned. Do you think of artists being THE ultimate user of tools? I sure do. We play with tools and bring joy and art into the world. At least into our lives. Good stuff!

My creative and personal life is enhanced by being able to make things using my hands as well as being able to photograph, share and sell online. I wrote the following to share some thoughts for those interested in why “Watch. Create. Shine.” is ideal for real world artists.

I love making things with my hands. Nothing finer than fiber: the colors, textures and smells. Or the smell of sawdust on your forearms. Rubbing linseed oil into wood. Watercolors, fabric dyes, beads … but digital also helps us in so many ways.

We can use real world and/or digital tools creatively and productively. Or any way we choose. Have fun! Make art.

Oh dear, such a GORGEOUS weaving. Such a terrible photo! Colors washed out and you can’t see the great dimensions. This was SO hard to weave. Looks so flat and bleh. Sad.

NOW this is how a weaving should be photographed! Up close and personal, with a good camera, lens, lighting, and pumped up the color (only to be accurate!) in Create Marketable, Branded Images using Photoshop.

I also learned how to take digital photos, which I share with others in my Photography for Branded Storytelling Images online workshop. Lovely! I just wanna touch it. Those great textures. Sweet.

I made a lot of mistakes photographing my art. You can see that in the slides above. I will never have those opportunities again. I’ve struggled for years with technology. I’ve also always taught. Now you can learn from my mistakes.

Although I earned various art degrees, I never studied photography. Turns out that was a mistake. I grew up to become one of THE most famous punk rock photographers. My work in Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Smithsonian, considered America’s museum. Grammy and Rock Hall of Fame. Tons of books, docs, mags. I don’t keep track.

I also taught many computer programs at various colleges, universities, computer training centers, one on one. But online is the best way to serve many.

BUT when I bought my digital camera, I had to learn from scratch!

Everything starts with an image. In our hearts, our heads. Then using our cameras. So many cameras, lenses and so many questions.

Start with Photography. I shot so many photos, discussing the various settings, lighting, lenses. No charts and weird math to understand. You will gain solid knowledge of how those strange dials in your DSLR camera can work for your benefit. IF you know how to control them. In any lighting.

I discuss and show images while in Adobe Lightroom. It’s made ALL the difference in everything I do. You will see how I use Lightroom for all my visuals. Organizing, productivity, prepping for posting, and playing with colors.

Finally, Adobe Photoshop provides amazing tools to really play with photos and clip art. I walk you through pumping up the color, or toning it down. Layering with texture, backgrounds, text and more. ALL the images you see online and in my workshops have been processed through both Lightroom and/or Photoshop.

Two workshops about online sites: Web Design Basics for Marketing and Myths and Mindset of Tech. I compare and contrast a variety of software platforms you can use. Plenty of online info HOW to use site software. Hard to find my tips about sites which serve YOUR public, fans and friends. And yourself.

Then the Wild World of Ecommerce. I could write a book about that! The pros and cons and gotchas of various ways of selling online. It’s wild.

One really fun workshop, dealing with the artist in all of us. Visual Branding Design. A bit of art history, so great for inspiration.

Plus color, with many photos I’ve created specifically for this topic. A bit about typography and layout. 

Start with Photography, then in the order I’ve created them. For a reason.

When I taught a colleges, universities, computer training centers, one-on-one, I always wanted to teach REAL WORLD solutions to real world issues. Not just mechanical do this or that. That’s why I’m sharing info online.

Creating is the happiest, healthiest activity we can do for ourselves and each other.

I’m thrilled to share my life-long journey in art. From fine arts crafts to punk rock to digital photography back to crafts. Sharing stories and making new memories.

I want to see what YOU create.

Let’s bring beauty and joy into this too sad, troubled world. It’s always the artists who create the most lasting work.

I met a woman via Facebook who teaches how to spin yarns! I cried looking at her blog. How lovely that people are still learning and keeping the old traditions alive.

Let’s use new tech to create using our hands, imaginations and hearts. Blend the old with the new. Such a lovely idea. I look forward to your creative and technical journey. 

Minerva, the Goddess of the Woods and Weaving. I spent many long hours with Minerva. Solid oak, four feet wide. BROKE my heart to discard her. No room. I still miss Minerva, as a lovely piece of art.

I carried those yellow plastic laundry baskets to school. Four of them to school and back home every day. My teachers thought I was crazy. I love colors and textures. I was happy.

The long weaving is now hanging between two bedroom doors. I pass it many times a day. It was supposed to be cut and mounted, per each colored rectangle. I thought, no way. I’m not cutting it to put silly white matte board around it. I crocheted the side edges with a lovely orange yarn. Left a long fringe at the bottom. Knotted the fringed at top to hang. I don’t know what happened to the old stool I found in a thrift store.

Long ago and far away … my little rented cottage in the valley.