GOOGLE is your best friend for info!

Ok, I am went from a simple post, to a long Facebook rant. When I realized the issues a Facebook pal had, I got upset. What will it take for people to GOOGLE and RESEARCH

Part Three of Three threads:

  1. Squarespace vs WordPress
  2. WordPress vs Squarespace for eCommerce? Consider SHOPIFY!
  3. GOOGLE is your best friend for info!

WHY do people dive into ecommerce or sites without ANY knowledge WTF they are doing? Then run into all kinds of problems and blame the software? 

It makes me wanna scream. I don’t know how to reach people like that. I love helping people, but honestly, if people won’t find FB biz groups or Google, then what? I guess I should just turn my back.

  • I usually spend way too much time with people.
  • Then they realize they actually have to be more proactive, more involved and they disappear.
  • Before they realize this saves them time and money in the long run.
  • And makes their lives and businesses better. 

I don’t know what is to become of this country. When business owners don’t use their heads!!

Google is my best pal.

Her response to my earlier posts (links at top): “lol im old and so scared to make change! I bookmarked these links so I can research them tomorrow. Thank you for taking the time- I appreciate it for real.”

WHY do people LAUGH when they say they don’t understand? It’s not funny! MY response:

I AM 68!!!! If you are scared, you are not gonna succeed in your business.

If you try to do things without googling, without contacting companies to find out if they have features you need, if you hire the wrong ppl, you cannot succeed!!

I am exhausted, I work LONG hours and Google, research, try this over and over. But I never let fear interfere.

I never say no. I keep looking til I find what works best.

And if I am coming hard on you, what do you think your successful competition is doing? They never take no for an answer. No fear, embracing Google and tech, and go for it!

Either go big or go home. Cos that’s what it takes to stay alive and next year, the economy will tank. And those who are not using BEST software for their needs, not using it correctly, will suffer!

This is what and why I’m teaching. You don’t think my famous punk photos just took themselves or appeared in books by themselves!!

I had to teach myself more software and hardware. Learning is constant.

Glad you appreciate what I wrote. But please take this to heart.

You can do it if you want.

But where does fear fit in???

She assumed Shopify is like PayPal and Square. So I wrote:

Did you LOOK at the Shopify text in the link. IT SAID “STORE“!!!

WHY do you think Shopify is like PayPal when I said to use it to SELL!!!!

IT is the best platform to SELL.

WHY didn’t you do your homework??? Ask people who are selling? There are SO many free Facebook business groups. There’s GOOGLE.

WordPress is NOT designed to sell. It’s a BLOG platform.

Selling is added-on and a bitch. IF you are using WooCommerce, you will LOVE shopify!!




Or give it up.

Cos if you rely on lazy, selfish people who say use WordPress cos it’s easier for them, you will never succeed.

You will throw away your time and money.

And we don’t want that? Now that’s scary. :'( Much love, ok! <3

She thanked me.

But the question remains: WHY don’t people Google?

Why do they dive in, use the wrong software, and assume things don’t work, because they don’t bother to ask the companies for help, don’t google, and just make assumptions. 

You know what happens when we assume things? Makes an ass outta you and me. SMH.

I really don’t know how to deal. I get so upset, cos I’ve been teaching for nearly 3 decades. And people are as confused and lost as when we didn’t even have Google, Facebook, or even the net. 

How can you succeed if you don’t use tools correctly? Ever try to hammer with a screwdriver? Ride a tricycle on the freeway? Well … I’m confused and sad. Any thoughts?

Just market to those who ARE aware, are NOT scared, and offer NO excuses. That’s what successful people do. My life lesson to myself. 

I just like to help people. But some are simply not ready.

As the great, late Jim Rohn always said, Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.

Right now, what’s your life lesson to yourself?