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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is my fave program ever. LR radically revolutionized my whole photography and art practice.

Basically, LR helps you find, name, size, use cool presets (customizable filters), prep for online, print and so much more.

Looking at my images, whether my photos, stock photos, legally acquired clip art or art I’ve created, LR lets me see them all! If not for Lightroom, I could not teach effectively. In fact, using LR taught me how to take better photos!

You just have to see it. Impossible to describe. Let’s say it’s the lifesaver if you have a lot of images.

Photo type images. Not Illustrator or vector images. Only jpg, png, tiff, and psd (Photoshop).


We’ll explore LR’s Library module. Library displays images,  plus labeling with colors or stars to edit images. While looking through a folder or nested folders, I quickly give some images color labels. When I’m done, I change the sort order to “color.” Makes gathering images for projects very efficient.

Let’s just get more comfortable and excited about this powerful program.



Putting Lightroom to work. Export or duplicate images, sort, name, and explore metadata areas. Metadata tells you info about the camera, lens, date, time, size and so much more. THAT is how I learned how to improve my photography, which I discuss in detail in Photography class.

This lesson introduces you to many of the time-saving steps power users rely on all the time.


Let’s bring images into LR from camera, phone, desktop, wherever. The Develop mode offers a ton of image adjustments. Make image darker, lighter, change colors and so much more!

Understanding how to bring out the best in any image means understanding values: brightness and contrast, which is often dependent upon exposure. The “Histogram” displays values. See how to adjust the image.

I show examples when I shoot darker and why in Photo class. I know I can selectively balance the values in Lightroom. Sometimes an image is off color or value due to a variety of factors beyond your control.

Fix that and so much more in Develop.


More about Exporting and Developing. The Develop module can be rather complex, so we’ll go a bit deeper. Plus intro to Preferences.


Presets appear to be like typical filters. But presets can be changed, using some of the tools we’ve seen. More Develop tools and techniques.

Most rely on commercial presets. You can legally buy and download some freebies. But how to import them into Lightroom?

Tethering is attaching USB cable to computer and camera. You can see what you shoot as you shoot. Plus using images in sites. And little overview of upcoming workshops aka classes.

You’ll see why Lightroom is a favored program for people dealing with many photos and images. Fun, productive, inspiring.

I often launch Lightroom to pick up my spirits. Next thing I know, I’m creating something. So come join the fun and discover a FAB useful program!

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