Lightroom Is My Fave Most Useful Photo Software

Lightroom is MY fave, most used “can’t live without” program! Improved my photography in so  many ways! Work BIGGER. Dream Bigger. Dreaming Big Rocks when you work it. Use the BEST apps for your creative work. Lightroom truly brings JOY into my life. LR can do the same for you with my tips!

Essential and mandatory for photographers, graphic artists, fine artists, web designers, bloggers and others dealing with clip art and photos. Do you blog? Create images for social media? Market your work? Deal with many images? YOU NEED LIGHTROOM.

Files ending with png, jpg, psd, tiff, png or camera raw can be visually displayed.

Take a look at my photo of typical Library Mode. You simply cannot organize, view, move, copy, rename, resize, export watermark, adjust and manipulate, and in batches, like you can ONLY in Lightroom.

Plus you can see your camera lens settings! F/Stop aka Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. I’ll talk about that in both Lightroom and Photography classes. That’s my tip top fave secret!

I learned more about taking photos looking at Lightroom than dozens of books, numerous magazines or classes. By studying camera lens settings.

Plus studied the composition of so many photos. Really studied them. Learned just what I saw and what the camera saw varies. How to work WITH the camera, lens(es), lighting and more.

These are KEY tools to improve anyone’s photography. Plus increase your productivity. Ramp up the Joy factor! Lightroom ROCKS!

Plus you can buy or create your own Presets. I have so much fun using them!

But Lightroom can be a freakin’ PITA. I’ll share some work-arounds. But wow, I could not have created everything you see here without Lightroom.

For $10 bucks/month, you get Lightroom and Photoshop, THE tools for all imaging pros!

Yes, you can use Canva and Elements for some functions. But NOTHING comes close to Lightroom and Photoshop worked in tandem. Take a look at my examples and see for yourself!

PS I spend a LOT of time looking at, planning and organizing my many tens of thousands of images in Lightroom. It’s my happy place! Makes it so easy to work with visual media.

I only wish we had both Photoshop and especially Lightroom since I first started using a computer.

I struggled for years til I discovered Lightroom. Made me life so much better!

Discover some cool gems! By Dreaming Big. Cos Dreaming Big Rocks!

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