Love Sleeping More than Socializing?

Do you prefer socializing or napping or sleeping? Depends. Lately I’m lucky if I get 6 or 7 decent hours of sleep. Usually 3-5. Nightmares and processing all kinds of things. Classes, promos, money. I wonder when I’ll have a restful, full night of sleep?

Or is this just the new ‘normal’? Good things taking awhile to come together, while bills and rent never take a rest. Plus I just get so bored around most people (at parties, social or networking events). Or feel like a fish outta water. I always have.

THAT is why I picked up my camera. Even before punk. As a teen, I’d go to parties w/my camera. More fun to take photos of ppl having fun than sitting around. I have fun at some gatherings, but it depends where and with whom. But if I don’t ‘connect’ with anyone or find some reason to be there (if they have good books, I bury my nose in them) or I just get so bored and sad. So I leave. Or don’t go. I have fun at home.

Many are sleep-deprived. To dream of nothing, whatta nice dream. Your thoughts?

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11 Tweets For Anyone Who Loves Sleeping More Than Socializing Too real.

Why go out when you can sleep instead?

Sleep helps improve your brain, your blood sugar and your sex life. It can prevent migraines, common colds and obesity. It can even improve your mood and other mental health issues. In short, it’s magical. Sometimes more magical than, say, drinks at the bar or a loud party.

Relate to this sentiment on a deep level?