Madonna: Visionary Recycling Classic Images and Icons

Facebook pal posted this small photo. Sharing my comment. Madonna is a shape-shifting recycler of vintage icons and a great role model for all creatives.

She transformed HER reality, and ours, by knowing art and cultural history, especially fashion, photography, early movies, and of course, music. Bits of the past mixed in the best of contemporary tastes. Yummy results!

But HOW did she lose all that weight in her face? She already was slim.

Love her determined expression. Very in your face. Defiant. Which of course, Madge is. But I always wondered about her face.

She morphed into a stunning, updated Marilyn Monroe in “Papa Don’t Preach.”

She was made for the camera. Just not acting. Vids yes.

She struggles as an actress. Who knows why? I listen to “Forbidden Broadway,” which makes fun of Broadway performers. Drama or music. They shred Madonna.

Wanna know what’s really cool? Madonna just kept plugging away. Although not a lot of acting. 

I loved Madonna’s ability to take credit when blatantly ripping off others’ images or looks. Such chutzpah and lack of concern about right or wrong. Do whatever suits her. Works for her. I couldn’t and don’t do that. Or could I? Not yet.

Loved watching her constantly shape-shift.

She knew her art and photo history, early movies, 1930’s Dietrich and Horst photos. Madonna was inspired by and collaborated with the best creatives. 

Loved Madonna’s re-imagining and updating classic images and photos. Plus a wide, wonderful variety of music videos. Lovely, well-lit and photographed, and of course, costumed and so fascinating! She knows the wide world of Art which precedes our present or recent past. Lots to mine there! 

Madonna is a bright Visionary woman. She surrounds herself with also very bright, creative people. No matter her music (I’m a bit of a fan), her visuals are so influential! Clothes, makeup and hair, and so much more.

Great marketing genius. Being her best self: over the top and having fun.

Like Dietrich. Only more so. Brilliant and inspiring.

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