Monty Python’s Argument Clinic If You Rather Argue than Do the Work


For too many years I gave away my life. Trying to help people who rather ask for help, argue why it won’t work, without doing the work. That’s a silly, stupid way of thinking that far too many people do.

Yeah, it’s a value judgement cos it wastes MY time and I am willing to call people out for that. Not by name, but it’s time to realize some people LOVE to waste YOUR time. While you are trying to be a good person for them.

Now that I come closer to the end, I won’t go there unless you pay for my time. Like that Monty Python Argument Clinic sketch.

My life full of dreams which need work. Life is too short for crap.

Wish I sent this to the woman on Twitter before I blocked her! I’m sure she’d not understand why. Not my problem!

Monty Python’s Argument Clinic. If you haven’t seen this, it’s a MUST SEE. If you have seen it, it’s worth seeing again!

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