Musings March 26, 2020.

Are you seeing ads, posts, emails or webinars THIS is the time to make money online! You can teach, do affiliate, sell online, whatever, but you can make money! Six figures.

Focusing on how much money people make rather than how their products and services HELP others is THE worst aspect of so many marketing funnels, emails, ads, posts, vids.

THAT is not what MY life about! I never chased money. Yes, that’s why I don’t have much.

BUT I created a legacy of something worth more than money. Helping people. Bringing joy into their lives. Creating art and classic punk photos that will outlast any of these experts! Talking money as if it’s the only worthwhile end goal turns me off.

I’ve put up with it cos I have learned good info. BUT I refuse to “swipe” their scripts to use in emails or whatever.

Bottom line, it’s vital to focus on what we do, not how much people can make and BALANCE doing good and making money.

Plus talking about all that money sets up unrealistic expectations. How about delivering more than promised?