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Do you want to create storytelling, compelling, memorable images which convey a feeling, mood, thought and/or call to action?

Are you a creative entrepreneur? Healer? Social justice warrior? Use images in your branding, social media, sites, ecommerce, whatever? Create art for art’s sake?

Think you are not creative nor an artist? You’d be surprised at hidden talents. I cover the waterfront (include all of your needs).

You can do more with my inspiring resources and enthusiastic, humorous guidance.

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I am frankly so disgusted (and sad) at the crappy drivel being sold to people about color and design. Hello, learn from a REAL trained, educated, exhibiting and published artist and photographer. With years of teaching at colleges and computer training centers. Then do whatever you want to do. No grades, no judgment, just real world tips and tricks to elevate and manifest YOUR Dreams.

I’ve invested hundreds and hundreds of hours taking photos just to share my secrets with you! Cost thousands of dollars in camera gear you don’t need to buy! If I knew what I’m teaching… I would have saved so much time and money! Now you can benefit! How cool is that!

Composition (what is in your picture frame, as well as what is not), sharp vs soft focus, colorful or pale, subject matter, lighting all matter. If you want your photos, collages, art to stand out, developing a style for your branding identity depends upon your skills, knowledge and confidence.

Today, everyone “takes” photos. I enjoy the challenges and rewards of “creating” fine art and other photos I can use in social media, teaching, writing, and for meditative fun. Plus art for art’s sake.

Do you “take” or “create” photos? Want to learn what, how and why I and other top photographers use now?

Using DSLR cameras and lenses. You can use phones and other cameras. But DSLR allow you to totally control the input and outcome. Software simulates some of that on some phones. If you don’t use a DSLR, you can still benefit from this class. You’ll be armed with the knowledge to use or buy a DSLR.

Iggy Pop told me I photographed better than his photographers. He asked me where I’d been. “In college, earning Art Degrees.” He nodded, with an understanding smile. Summer 1977. I spent years studying old movie stills, immersed in art history books, going to museums, galleries. My art was also in museums and galleries before I earned my Master of Fine Arts Degree. But I felt like shit. Nothing.

I had been up around the clock printing photos. In a small, hot, vinegar-smelling closet. I hated all that! Digital is sooo much better! 10 am phone call from Iggy’s fan club founders. I was about to finally go to bed, cos my eyes were red. They were coming by to drive me to Iggy’s to take photos. Can ya imagine? No sleep and offer to hang out with Iggy? Yeah.

Iggy Pop and Jenny Lens, in his rented Malibu mansion on the beach, Summer 1977.

I was a self-taught photographer (never formally studied photography in a class). Only had a camera to photograph my college art. Yet I became infamous immediately after I picked up my camera to photograph Dee Dee Ramone’s cheekbones, August 12, 1976.

Dee Dee Ramone and photog Jenny Lens, Whisky backstage, Feb 1977. We were pals. Sigh.

I had no idea how high I could soar. That’s why I keep saying “Dreaming Big Rocks.” I held myself back. EVEN after Iggy said that to me. Even after he seduced me awhile later. I just never felt I was good enough. For living.

My art and the people who believe in my work keep me alive. Art is healing. Art creates community.

WHO Are You? Who do YOU want to Attract? Developing your own style, visual identity and branding often begins with your photos.

Many merely photograph like everyone else. Become empowered by learning to look and see other options, mastering your camera and lenses and working with light and more are fun too. Check out the slider for fast overview of Lesson Details. Then scroll or tap below for more info. Good stuff!

Sign up for either the Photo Class or save money with the Bundle!

  • What story am I telling?
  • What feelings do I want to evoke?
  • What feeling or thoughts am I expressing?
  • How do I want people to react?
  • What do I want people to see? What is the most vital part of this image?
  • Do I need space to add text?
  • Should the main image be on the left, right or center?
  • Am I capturing something existing (flowers in my hood, food at a party) or my own creation?
  • Colors, textures, seasons, themes or mood? (additional info/inspiration in my Art and Design class)
  • Why Manual gives you artistic freedom and control.
  • Difference between manual and automatic settings. Forget charts and numbers.
  • We’ll look at real photos and their settings.
  • You can SEE how settings affect images.
  • You’ll become comfortable with Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO settings.
  • Plus Depth of field aka DOF.
  • Shooting close-up vs average distance or long distance: how does that affect your image? Which lenses best in each case? When to use a Macro lens?
  • Raw aka DNG versus Jpg file formats.
  • Plus, always framing with solid Composition principles.
  • These and other inspiring thoughts.
  • Backgrounds
  • Affordable lighting, including everyday lamps
  • Props
  • Tips and Tricks vs Pitfalls

Photo1-Intro-Basic-Terms-Concepts-M-A-Jenny Lens MFA

I was so confused by all the dials. Yet I’m a widely published/exhibited film photographer. Why bother learning all this? I show and discuss why Manual is THE way to go whenever possible. Auto easier, sometimes useful, but with often limited results.

I read so many books and magazines to make sense of this digital stuff. Totally confused til I developed a method to better understand how one setting vs another radically changed my photos.

I show many photos to explain basic terms and techniques. No need to memorize strange terms. You’ll see with your eyes. I love deep focus, with as much in focus as possible. Others prefer soft focus, with small areas sharply focused. Whatever your style, accomplishing that goal can be difficult.

I take ONE image and discuss various settings. You can see the difference between using Auto versus Manual settings. Learning this changed my whole way of shooting, resulting in the kind of images I want to create. What do you want to create?

Let’s take a look at terms, settings, basic concepts. Plus solid art history, to see how great painters can help us create compelling, memorable, story telling photos.

Photo2-DOF-Art Composition-EventPhotos-Bokeh-Jenny Lens MFA

What do you want people to see in your image? Everything or just one area? Depth of Field directs viewers to see what you consider most vital. I show various settings and results. Always art and composition part of the discussion. Plus taking photos at events, with tips on lighting and yes, composition. Bokeh is very fashionable. See examples. 

Photo3-Backlit-Flash-ShutterSpeed-Focal Length-Macro CU-Jenny Lens MFA

What are the most dramatic photos? Those created using light effectively. Whether you flood the image with light, or side-lighting, or in this case, backlit, lighting effects the mood and story you are telling. Flash on or off, plus shutter speed all play a part in lighting and depth of field. Focal Length refers to lens, from wide, to zoom to closeup. Plus macro images, which are problematic to light and get in focus. Tips how to deal. Fun stuff. I love macro images, but wish I knew what I’m teaching before I bought my pricey lens. I would have gotten a different lens. Better to learn before buying. Or make the best of what we have.

Photo4-Products-Objets-D’art-Jenny Lens MFA

Do you sell products you make or use? I have many MUA pals, hair and makeup artists, who photograph their clients. Or sell third-party products. Sadly, too many take sub-par images. They know professional images look better. It’s not hard to take better product images on a budget.

You might create small tableaus and/or still lives, the subjects which have fascinated Western artists for hundreds of years. Let’s look at images from discount and thrift stores, jewelry, makeup, flowers, dolls, beads, bangles, fabric and whatever you have around your home.

Gain insight into thoughtful images. The why and how to create artistic images.

Photo5-Tabletop-Studio-Budget-Lights-LR-Tether- Jenny Lens MFA

See how easy to create and light a tabletop studio on a budget. You’ll see my crowded little corner, with art supplies under the tables, a few photo lamps and household lamps, white board, and a camera were used for all the studio images in all my classes.

Plus tethering to Lightroom. Attach cable to computer and DLSR camera, launch Lightroom, and see the results as you take photos. Really helps! Have fun on a budget, in a small space, and create stunning images for all your needs. Whether fine art, products, social media, teaching, whatever, after this class you will have a lot more ideas and less confusion.

Do it before your competition does! Often success depends upon merely getting started. Then one step at a time. Or be left behind. Come on, have some fun, gain confidence and shine. “Watch. Create. Shine.” 

Sign up for either the Photo Class or save money with the Bundle!


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