Photo Portfolio Issues: Do NOT use Facebook

A cool Facebook friend asked me for feedback about his new “Virtual Photo Portfolio.” I clicked on the link and whoa, took me to a Facebook Page.

My response to him: Ok, I will be as gentle as possible… FB is a social media site, NOT a portfolio site. Maybe Google search and look at various photo sites.

Even my Punk Pioneers site is far more a portfolio site than any FB page. I specifically wanted a lot of text. I think photos, graphics, art, etc NEED TEXT. Art is expressing something. WHY did you take this photo? Do you have a story to tell?

But if not, then let’s see some BIG pix, organized per topic, event, subject, whatever. Think of a REAL portfolio. Now put that online. Cos I don’t want to burst your bubble, this ain’t a portfolio. You could even just use Instagram AND Pinterest.

My honest feedback. Nothing about the photos. Cos I’m not even going there. I can’t even look at your page. It’s not showcasing your work well.

I’d look at WordPress or Squarespace if you want more functionality than a 100% image site, like Instagram. IG is so popular for this reason. THEN you can post FROM IG to FB. That’s how it’s done.

IF you are control freak like I,* who wants a lot of design options, functionality, and room to grow, no choice BUT WordPress. If you merely want a great portfolio or site with limited features, go for Squarespace. No affiliate links here. Just honest feedback. Based on years of experience and reading what other pro photogs and others say.

Good resource material to get you started:

5 Reasons more photographers are choosing Squarespace (Sponsored [by them, not I])”

Squarespace Review (2018) | Pros and Cons of a Leading Website Builder

Squarespace for Photographers | Pros and Cons

NOW my fave, but I’d be careful if a newbie, doing it on your own. WP is NOT for the timid, NOT fast, and NO hand-holding. That is why you pay for Squarespace. BUT WordPress has many many many more options.

WordPress for Photographers

Also, read articles, watch vids, go to meetings for, about and from REAL photographers. Not just WordPress programmers. They know shit about what REAL artists need. I talk from experience. SMH.

Have fun and keep up the good work. We all go thru this, forward, sideways, whatever. My best, jenny

PS He thanked me. Didn’t get upset. People who know me and love my photos, and what I post about art, design, photography, marketing, communication, etc, thank me. Strangers and most web programmers hate me. And so it goes.

*I am a trained artist. I don’t like what other people design. NO ONE can replicate nor design nor build what I envision. Unless I spend thousands and tell them EXACTLY what I want. Few programmers like that kind of heavy input. I was forced to DIY and learn WordPress (and keep learning!) due to that. C’est la vie!