All My Images Edited in Lightroom and Photoshop

Photoshop, the granddaddy of all photo and graphics programs. There’s a reason Photoshop is one of the oldest, most beloved software. Many more options than in most other programs.

Plus it works seamlessly with Lightroom, making these the perfect imaging software pairing since peanut butter and chocolate. Or PB & J. Or milk and cookies! Yes, that yummy.

Let’s see some methods dealing with images and text. The worst offenders online are images with text. The text is too often hard to read, or outlined with color, ALL CAPS or something equally visually offensive and ineffective.

So let’s start with an engaging image, then deal with text.

  • Making selections.
  • We’ll composite images using layer blending modes and opacity.
  • Mask areas when applying textures.
  • Color correction: I’ll show you how an eye dropper on one part of an image changes the whole image dramatically.
  • Color manipulation and so much more to create compelling images.
  • We’ll add text.
  • Then quickly add drop shadows, bevel or embossing to make your text stand out without resorting to horrible colors or outlined text.

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