Create Marketable, Branded Images using Photoshop

Create Marketable, Branded Images using Photoshop

Photoshop is THE premier photo, clip art, illustration creator and editor (plus more). I began using version 1, in 1990. Primitive by today’s standard, today is is still the leader of the pack. Photoshop enables one to manifest all kinds of visions.

Yes, there’s easier, faster apps like Canva, Stencil and more. Those are great cloud based programs, for efficient, simple, fast graphics.

IF you want to create more fine art images, like those you see on this page, you have to use Photoshop.

You can get Adobe’s Photography Plan package for a few dollars a month. Get both Lightroom and Photoshop: the most ideal software for anyone dealing with images. You can create simple images, or collages, add textures, play with type, even animate.

So let’s take a look and see if this turns you on as much as it does hundreds of thousands of other creatives.

IF you decide you don’t want to use Photoshop, you WILL gain vital info you can use in other programs. Color theory is color theory, and certain terms and techniques are useful in most any graphics and/or photo software.

Hi Jenny!!! I love the course!!! I’m half way thru….so good. So thorough and comprehensive.
Btw, you have a wonderful speaking/teaching voice. I would have loved having you as a teacher in college!
Learning so many tips and being so inspired with Discussion of Tarot Resources!! [How to Create Tarot or Oracle Cards Using Clip Art, Photos and Apps] ~ Tricia Minette, paralegal (and Rolf).

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You will learn a lot about color! Adding and modifying color, adding  textures, type and more.This Create Marketable, Branded Images using Photoshop course and Create Tarot or Oracle Cards Using Clip Art, Photos and Apps course are packed with fun, step-by-step tutorials. Not just how, but WHY this tool or that or why this work flow or that.

Each course has a lot of unique info because there’s so much you can create using Photoshop!

THIS course goes more deeply into Photoshop. The Tarot or Oracle card making course dives into storytelling and not as deeply into Photoshop. They are complimentary, and work together well.

Let’s discover best how to customize Photoshop, with the tools and menu items you use the most. Explore Preferences and various Menu items.

Photoshop’s color tools are powerful. Their Color Picker looks confusing, but very easy to use. Learn more about color from a trained artist. How to confidently and joyfully use and play with colors for better results. Online color tools are limited when working with your images and/or clip art. Plus using Hue/Saturation. What does that mean? You’ll see!

Real color, not whatever people read here and there from marketing or other folks. Ya wanna know how artists use color? Ask a trained artist. Not too techy, but many helpful tips.

When I taught at UCLA and Santa Monica College, fees were more than 10-20 times higher! Still are. No driving, no parking, online for your convenience.

Actions: learn how to create a shortcut on-screen actions list to save time and energy. Saving, exporting, rotating and more tasks can easily be automated. Overview of brushes beyond typical paintbrushes. Plus saving as JPG vs PNG, pros and cons of each. Using correct file formats matters. (Most are incorrectly using PNGs when JPGs are more efficient. Listen, watch, see it for yourself).

Creative color, including grayscale images, relies on understanding Values. All images have underlying white/highlights, midtones, and black/shadows aka values. See how easily you can improve or change images using Levels. This is a vital concept and tool to use. I make it easy to understand and use.

The BIGGEST issues I see online are confusing color and fugly sites. We simply are not taught art in school! Or so long ago or infrequently, or pay heed to some strange online info. If you find a color wheel with green next to red, danger, Will Robinson! Top of Google search for me. Ah, no, red and green are opposite the color wheel. This makes a difference!

Want to create a visual impact? It often starts and ends with color. Being able to use Photoshop’s color tools is fun, empowering and productive.

Looking to online color palettes are decent places to start. But rather useless when choosing and using colors using photos and clip art. Learn from a real, trained, exhibited and published artist!

More Hue/Saturation for creative work. Plus introduction to making Selections.

Creating collages for social media, promos, products, blogs/sites is a fun and essential skill. Includes using Ruler, resizing or transforming an image size or rotation. Plus using text.

Watch as I take a brownish, huge scan of my beloved “Screamers on the Bus Bench” photo and prep it for collectors, museums, galleries and publishing (books, mags, docs, etc).

Levels, Transform/Resizing, using Rulers, and more for this easy, fast process after you know previous individual tools and techniques.

Quickly add textures, combine photos and/or clip art, with Image Brushes and Photoshop’s Layers and Blending Modes. Previous lessons enable you to quickly turn photos and clip art into memorable art. Helps develop YOUR style and branding identity. Fun and fast!

I first edited my photo of Wisteria in Lightroom. So glad I photographed it, because they soon ripped it out. Great to photograph, if you don’t mind getting really close to bees buzzing next to your ears!

Explore Layer FX, drop shadows, bevels, embossing and more. Combine two pieces of licensed clip art to quickly create a memorable image.

Combine photos, textures, and text using layers and retouching tools for memorable social media, marketing, promo or graphic art.
Create readable text images. Explore various color options. No excuses for images with messy, unreadable text. Instead, make a powerful, memorable impact with color, textures and text.

Fine tune your photography or other images. This lesson focuses on products. Use Saturation tool, not the menu as earlier. Dodge (lighten) and Burn (darken) areas in Highlights, Midtones and Shadow areas. Learn to quickly Pump Up colors to make your products or images look rich and enticing.

Easily take color image and turn it into a sepia-toned vintage looking image. Add vintage frame and resize it.

I created a technique to resize the frame which involves a bit of easy retouching and other techniques introduced earlier. Often frames don’t work with an image. The shapes or proportions are off. Easily turn something new into something old using tools and menu items learned in earlier lessons.

The MOST important class of all! Learn WHY and how to watermark your images.

Believe it or not, many images are stolen. You could lose money and the image possibly falling into public domain. I’ve never lost a sale because I watermark my photos! Those who complain are not interested in paying you nor respecting YOUR legal rights.

Come along or go alone. Your journey is easier with MY tips: tech, art, color, design, while effectively and effortlessly using Photoshop.

“Jenny has a great knack to make you look around and capture the mood either through manipulating manual settings or making the best of what you have at hand. I would recommend checking out these courses to anyone who wants to dream big and get inspired. I would rate my course 10/10 for inspiration alone. Thank you Jenny!”

I actually sprayed that last flower with a spray bottle to get more interesting image like you did in one of the lessons in Photography for Branded Storytelling Images.Mark Heck, massage therapist

Create Marketable, Branded Images in Photoshop (6 hours)

When I taught this at colleges, people paid more than 10-15 times as much.
39 hours, but learned less, due to covering required but irrelevant info.

  • Photoshop1: Intro and Tools (39 minutes)
  • Photoshop2: Interface, Prefs, Menu (20 minutes)
  • Photoshop3: Color, Hue and Saturation (17 minutes)
  • Photoshop4: Actions, Brushes, Saving (19 minutes)
  • Photoshop5: Levels, Creative Color Manipulation (38 minutes)
  • Photoshop6: Saturation, Hues-Selections (28 minutes)
  • Photoshop7: Tees, Collages, Rulers, Text (20 minutes)
  • Photoshop8: Print Prep (29 minutes)
  • Photoshop9: Textures, Layering, Clip Art, Brushes (16 minutes)
  • Photoshop10: Composite, Clip Art, Type, Layer Effects (15 minutes)
  • Photoshop11: Type, Textures, Retouching, Layers (15 minutes)
  • Photoshop12: Layers-Text-Images-Textures-Color-TanBluOrangeText (23 minutes)
  • Photoshop13-Saturate-Dodge-Burn-Retouch-Products (31 minutes)
  • Photoshop14-Vintage-Images-Frames (18 minutes)
  • Photoshop15: Watermarks: Why and How (28 minutes)

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