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4-Art, Color, Typography, Design and Layout for Everyone Class



THIS is where you learn both rules and freedom. Start with a strong foundation. Then play. Rinse and Repeat.

Picasso and Dali were traditionally trained painters. They went to school. They studied the Masters. Then they revealed new realities with their then-radical paintings. Picasso’s Cubist paintings are relatable due to certain design principles. Like most classic, beloved painters, they knew what they were doing. All great artists KNOW the rules of the game. Then they turn them upside down and play with them. 

Art and Design knowledge is empowering.

IF taught by someone who knows wassup. Sadly, I’ve been in programs, classes, webinars and read blogs from top social media gurus who obviously never bothered to Google color theory. They merely repeat nasty trends which are confusing and arbitrary. What I read about art, design, color, typography would dismay any art educator, painter or artist with solid knowledge, experience and skills in these topics.

For example, Color theory is based on physics, optics and serious study from many great artists. Plus a bit of psychology and cultural influences.

Take a look at the rainbow. Look at chakra colors. Now look at any color wheel online. ( Start with Pinterest). See a similarity? That’s by design. All colors seen in the rainbow, when connected end to end, become a color wheel. Cool, eh!

Complimentary colors are narrowly defined as “colors opposite each other on the color wheel.” From this basic fact, you can use colors more effectively, visually and emotionally.

I’ll show you many complimentary pairs of colors in nature (flowers), paintings, fabric, and websites. So inspiring.

When you see various cool color combos, and learn a bit about how color affects us, you’ll be more daring, confident or comfortable working with color. We’ll explore cool sites full of inspiring examples, based on real art and real science.

Hopefully we’ll see fewer fugly images as word gets out. Especially infographics. Ouch, some hurt my eyes! Let’s start a color revolution. Color theory goes a long way.

We’ll have so much fun exploring color and how to better use color!

Typography can be a minefield. How to use type? We’ll cover a few basic guidelines. Plus resources to learn more, if wanted.

Content. Which comes first: Content or Layout? Which drives the other? How do all these elements work together?

Layout meshes all these elements together. There’s an art and science to this. Many variations. No matter the layout, these basic foundational ideas are great starting points. Lots to inspire you!

Steps needed to create a more pleasant, effective User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). I’ll share some thoughts to remember about others viewing your site and media. UX/UI: the glue which holds this together. Or not.

Learn some guidelines, have fun, become more confident and empowered using color, type, layout, design, content and UX/UI more effectively. Pick up some art tricks and tips. So useful! Enjoyable. Dream Big. Cos Dreaming Big Rocks!

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