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1-Photos: Create Storytelling Images on a Budget Class


Introduction to cameras, lenses, settings, file formats, composition and more! Have more fun and be more productive using any DSLR camera. Plus shooting in small spaces. Create your own marketing images, stock photos and/or fine art photographs and art.


Think about this First:

  • What story am I telling?
  • What feelings do I want to evoke? 
  • What feeling or thoughts am I expressing?
  • How do I want people to react?
  • What do I want people to see? What is the most vital part of this image?
  • Do I need space to add text?
  • Should the main image be on the left, right or center?
  • Am I capturing something existing (flowers in my hood, food at a party) or my own creation?
  • Colors, textures, seasons, themes or mood? (additional info/inspiration in my Art and Design class)

Now Mechanics of Making Our Visions Real:

  • Why Manual gives you artistic freedom and control.
  • Difference between manual and automatic settings. Forget charts and numbers.
  • We’ll look at real photos and their settings.
  • You can SEE how settings affect images.
  • You’ll become comfortable with Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO settings.
  • Plus Depth of field aka DOF.
  • Shooting close-up vs average distance or long distance: how does that affect your image? Which lenses best in each case? When to use a Macro lens?
  • Raw aka DNG versus Jpg file formats.
  • Plus, always framing with solid Composition principles.
  • These and other inspiring thoughts.

Tabletop Photo Studio Ideas:

  • Backgrounds
  • Affordable lighting, including everyday lamps
  • Props
  • Tips and Tricks vs Pitfalls

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