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1-Photos: Create Storytelling Images on a Budget Class


Introduction to cameras, lenses, settings and dials, composition and more! Have more fun and be more productive using any DSLR camera. Plus shooting in small spaces. Create your own marketing images, stock photos and/or fine art photographs and art.


WHO Are You? Who do YOU want to Attract?
Do you do anything online and want or need to carve out YOUR own space and identity?
Storytelling, engaging, compelling, memorable images can greatly help!

Do you want to:

  • Share a feeling, mood, thought and/or call to action?
  • Feel comfortable and have fun creating images which express YOUR needs, identity and style?
  • Develop your own style, visual identity and branding?
  • Photograph products or whatever, on a tabletop or at events or outside?

Developing a style for your branding identity depends upon your skills, knowledge and confidence.

Get comfortable and confident with my inspiring, enthusiastic, empowering guidance.

Sign up for either the Photo Class or save money with the Bundle!

I discuss and show how all these slider images and more were created. To make it easier for you!

In addition to gaining a better grasp of dials and lenses, these topics can make or break your visual style:

  • Composition (what is in your picture frame, as well as what is not)
  • Sharp vs soft focus
  • Colorful or pale
  • Subjects (what you shoot)
  • Lighting overview
  • If you don’t use a DSLR, you can still benefit from this class. You’ll be armed with the knowledge to use or buy a DSLR.
  • Possibly use software which simulate DSLR on some smartphones IF you understand how DSLR cameras work.

Sign up for either the Photo Class or save money with the Bundle

Iggy Pop told me I took better photos than his photographers. He asked me where I’d been.

In college, making art and earning Art Degrees.” He nodded, with an understanding smile.

I spent years studying old movie stills, immersed in art history books, going to museums, galleries. My art was also in museums and galleries before I earned my Master of Fine Arts Degree.Iggy Pop and Jenny Lens, in his rented Malibu mansion on the beach, Summer 1977.

I became infamous immediately after I picked up my camera to photograph Dee Dee Ramone’s cheekbones, August 12, 1976.Dee Dee Ramone and photog Jenny Lens, Whisky backstage, Feb 1977. We were pals. Sigh.

I had no idea how high I could soar. That’s why I keep saying “Dreaming Big Rocks.” I held myself back. EVEN after Iggy said that to me. Even after he seduced me awhile later. I just never felt I was good enough. For living.

Now, my new photos are validating me and giving purpose and meaning to my life and work.

Let my journey INSPIRE YOU. It’s why I’m so committed to sharing my time consuming and costly hard-won tips, tricks and secrets.

Fly with what I am sharing. You CAN do it. Only if YOU believe you can!

That’s why I talk about “Dreaming Big Rocks.” IMAGINE Iggy Pop or your fave rockstar singing YOUR praises. While sitting next to him at the piano.

Art is healing. Art creates community.

Sign up for either the Photo Class or save money with the Bundle!

Questions? Use my Contact page and send me deets. I’m here to guide you! Let’s have some fun and get visual and figure out your DSLR camera and lenses.

When you are Dreaming Big, you Rock. Cos Dreaming Big Rocks! Take it from a REAL Rockstar photographer!

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