Rinse and Repeat and Google: Repetition, Patience and Perseverance Pay Off!

Words of Wisdom: Be Patient with Yourself but Persevere (Hang in There!)

I learned a vital lesson when I taught all day classes for years: there’s just so much we can absorb at once. (My college wood design teacher said the same, more below.*)

The best way to learn: just keep at it, one bite at a time. A nibble here, and there, a big bite there, rinse and repeat.

We gotta walk the walk. Watch the vids while following on your computer. I put vids in the top right corner of my monitor. Larger part of screen is for whatever I’m using to follow along.

You can get free trial versions of Lightroom and Photoshop. BUT WAIT til you are ready to start, cos trial is 30 days. Although, if you are like me and so many others, you’ll be addicted. Esp Lightroom. After you take my class, if not already a user.

Keep At It. Follow Along. Rinse and repeat.


Give yourself time, but keep at it.

Rinse and Repeat

I literally cry when online. I did tonight prior to writing this. So little info HOW to do something. Very little is intuitive.

Google is my best friend. If you don’t Google, pls do!

I Googled to set up new Pinterest Group Board, Facebook Pages and Group. I just wanted to change a name, and yeah, I had to Google it.

Programmers love hiding the very setting you need. Then you finally figured it out, and they change it. From Facebook to Photoshop, it never fails.

Plus documentation is so bad online! It’s there, but hidden. Or not there, but some clever person figured it out on an obscure forum.

I didn’t Google once to set this up, but many times. So go ahead and Google!

PS Those who know me, know I’m a storyteller. I share info like crazy. Well, I read. I google. I read. I share, cos what good is this info if I keep it to myself?

Plus I am insatiably curious. Get to know Google when you need info, help and more.

Then I USE what I google’d. Rinse and Repeat. ONLY way you really feel comfy with any of this is through repetition and research. Rinse and Repeat. Have fun.

Remember to Dream Big, cos Dreaming Big Rocks. IF you do the research and do the work. Dreams work when YOU work. You rock!

*Cannot absorb too much at once: reminds me what my kind, most influential college art teacher said. Tom Trammel, RIP and Ralph Evans, our beloved wood design teachers, drove a small group of their fave students to the Grand Canyon (from the Valley in LA).

Our goal was to see the Johnson and Johnson Crafts show. The very best of the best in wood design. I’m into ALL crafts, so I was overwhelmed with gorgeous works of art. Mr Trammel commented that “it’s hard to take it all in at once. Our brains just aren’t made for that.”

Don’t get down it takes time to get some of this. That’s life. Dreaming Big Rocks when you work it!