Should You Tell Someone Their Consultant Is Inadequate?

Has anyone asked you for free info they need to work for others? They do not want to pay you. Yet are charging someone for their “expert” advice? Some say find that client and warn them they are dealing with someone using free info and acting like an expert.

Whoa, I would never ever interfere with someone’s business. I wouldn’t contact the client. We have no idea what else is going on. I would however be very clear help is available. A link(s) to reputable Facebook ad workshops. See if your library offers free or other online sources.

Plus, when applicable, offer a link and info about your fees (and any products). To the person wanting to pick your brain. I would NOT approach their client. Ever.

And let it go … I’ve tried to “educate” others but, you can lead a horse to water and sometimes it will splash that water all over you and hardly get wet itself.

I’ve given and given and suffered. I’ve warned people about other people and suffered. That’s just my experience.

I repeatedly offered to help find interns and set up a great site and online marketing for a local neighborhood association. I can’t even get into the negative feedback I got. Accusations and insults. I wasn’t gonna make money. I just wanted to help involve more in the neighborhood while improving this org’s pathetic online presence and horrible marketing.

I focused on how this would benefit high school and college students living here. Benefit the residents and organization. Which is what the org is about. You would have thought I was bringing the plague of black death to them.

I was kind, thorough and patient for years. Til it blew up again this year. Last time. I learned my lesson.

IF people are READY for change, then go for it. But people who don’t want to pay and/or don’t want to explore various options, like ‘best practices,’ just be careful out there. 

You never know how trying to help someone by warning them of something can blow up in your face. Again, just my humble experiences and thoughts.

Focus on those who do care and do their due diligence. Said with good intentions and my best to all.