Social Media Gallery

Gallery of various images with varying sizes. An image may look great on Instagram and Facebook, and sucky here. Plus there’s Pinterest and vids. At some pt, you gotta say: this is it. Moving on. WHY do Social Media companies think it’s fine to make us waste days of our lives creating four versions of same image? Effing reflection of their arrogance. CHOOSE which platform matters. 

I’m choosing Instagram. For now. Some of my images look badly cropped on my home page, search results, etc. But fine when you click on the image. #LifeLesson. Sometimes ya gotta go with the flow. Move on … 

Create Compelling Stunning Images, Dreaming Big dot Rocks, Jenny Lens MFA

Watch. Create. Shine” with Jenny Lens, MFA at DreamingBigDotRocks. Create Compelling, Stunning Photos and Images on a budget.

Design Attractive Sites & Marketing. With hardcore, bad ass Art hacks. With More Fun and Confidence.

Develop Your Brand Identity and Online Presence.

Marketing is hard. Making Art is Easy! Why so many ugly sites, logos, images?

Breaks my heart to see too much junk online. Cos few are taught anything about design, color, user experience, imagery, etc. Worse, missing the Joy of Creating.

Become empowered with an experienced, educated, trained artist. Former college teacher / computer trainer. Photos used by Met Museum, Smithsonian, Grammy, Rock Hall of Fame, tons of books, mags, docs, galleries, etc.

Learn MUCH more than college. WAY less money and time.

What’s not to love? Just speaking truth to power. No excuse for sucky images, sites and stores. Esp artist and photog portfolios: usually so sucky. Stop the madness.

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If you wanna be POWERFUL, EDUCATE yourself. Learning and growing only empowers you. I love this photo I took years ago at Civil War reenactment. Sadly, I lost all my other pix. I don’t drive, so I don’t go anymore. Saw this woman at end of day. Took one quick shot.

Isn’t it lovely? Backlighting. My photo class rocks! My “Punk Pioneers” pix are famous. I can show YOU how to create better pix, design more compelling sites (visually, user experience, etc). I chose an old-fashioned typeface for this post. Then found golden texture in my Lightroom catalog. Changed lightness, saturation and color to match image. Photoshop.

I teach YOU how to be more organized and creative using these programs and more! Not program dependent. Just great hacks!

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