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Enroll in “Watch. Create. Shine.” Series.
7 online courses: best creative, branding, marketing, photo info and more!

Get limited time super bonuses:

  • 11×14 or Two 8×10 Punk or Rock Photo prints (unsigned at PunkPioneers.com),
  • One hour of Free, Personalized Coaching (via Skype or Zoom),
  • FREE fine art stock photos I created for these online workshops,
  • Plus 40 free textures I designed just for you!

Video Link: https://youtu.be/4cTV3Vacwvk

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Create Tarot and Oracle Cards using Clip Art, Photos and Apps. Create delightful, meaningful cards, whatever your skills, creatively or technically. Transformative, magical! Calming, exciting, healing.

I felt so euphoric creating Tarot cards. I combined tarot symbols and meanings, plus fairy tales and myths, and my own dreams and imagination. I was transported to an enchanting world.

I knew I had to share my journey and secrets with you. I want to see what you create!

Also great for social media graphics, scrapbooking, greeting cards, fine art, graphics and fun.

Follow easy to understand step-by-steps to create your own custom cards. Including 40 FREE custom textures I made for you!

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Create Tarot and Oracle Cards using Clip Art, Photos and Apps Video Link: https://youtu.be/4cTV3Vacwvk

Create Tarot and Oracle Cards using Clip Art, Photos and Apps course description page link: https://dreamingbig.rocks/workshops/create-tarot-oracle-cards-using-clip-art-photos-apps/

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Name Your Price Punk Photo Sale

I am the most published and exhibited early west coast punk photographer, with great rock groups in addition to punk.

“She is one of the top ten most influential rock photographers of all time,” Wrote Adorama camera, one of THE authorities. “She was also one of the few women working in a very male-dominated field.

Her life is pretty fascinating and made up of the three acts usually associated with characters in movies and novels. While some of her contemporaries on this list have had the opportunity to take some very candid shots of their subjects, Jenny Lens, was just as “punk” and “rock n’ roll” as her own [subjects].”

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Punk Pioneers link: https://punkpioneers.com

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A few of many Jenny Lens Punk Photos either on covers or interiors of above image. Punk Pioneers” solo photo book from Jenny LensInfamous Debbie Harry, Blondie book cover photo. Iggy Pop poster. Shepard Fairey used Dee Dee Ramone photo for poster (first night ever shooting live rock!). Patti Smith has used this classic photo (and variations) for years. Iconic Exene cover of Kids of the Black Hole Exene also seen in many Rhino CD covers and booklets. Jenny Lens under MOJO logo, seen during opening credits of “Decline of Western Civilization” during X. Chris Spedding book cover.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/ArPiLUVN5dA

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Take Photos. Get Famous.

Do you wish you could get up close and personal with your camera at music shows? Whatever kind of live entertainment you enjoy, from a small club to large arena, learn how the pros do what you dream of doing. Watch and follow “Take Photos. Get Famous.” Learn secrets from Jenny Lens, MFA. One of THE Top Ten Influential Rock Photographers! (per Adorama camera.) Also the most published early west coast punk rock photographer. Sharing secrets you need to know and won’t find anywhere else. Get happy, forget your troubles, take photos! Photography is very competitive. Everyone has a camera or phone or both. You must know what you are doing or miss out. Watch today, shoot tonight! “Take Photos. Get Famous” video link: https://youtu.be/ArPiLUVN5dA Take Photos. Get Famous. course description link: https://dreamingbig.rocks/workshops/take-photos-get-famous/ #DreamingBigRocks #TakePhotosGetFamous #JennyLens #PunkPioneers #PunkPhotos #Punk #LiveMusicPhotos #TakeMusicPhoto #Photography #DreamingBigAcademy #WatchCreateShine You might not know my name. But you’ve seen my photos all over the net, in books, mags, docs, CDs, DVDs, merch, museums, galleries and more. PunkPioneers.com link: https://punkpioneers.com Adorama Camera link, “10 Influential Rock Photographers: http://bit.ly/2T1IzC5

Video Link: https://youtu.be/Cc09hCzKPQg

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Spend 2 minutes to change your life! “Watch. Create. Shine.” Visual Storytelling, Branding and Marketing Essentials. On a budget.

Express yourself more creatively, see how successful creatives and healers create unique branding for their products, services. See the wide variety of software and approaches used. Which software and why for their sites, blogs and stores to rise above and stand out. How they and you are more productive and have fun mastering digital tools.

Plus gain invaluable insights and inspiration from me, Jenny Lens, MFA. One of THE Top Ten Influential Rock Photographers! (per Adorama camera.) Also the most published early west coast punk rock photographer. With strong art education and exhibition history (BA and MFA and more).

See this quick, overview vid of inspiring, energetic, bold, imaginative, marketable projects and training.

Online workshop courses designed for creatives, healers, solo/entrepreneurs, small businesses working on a budget. Anywhere, anytime, lifetime access.

IF you really want to learn about the state of the art about art and tech, be creative, do better online and in your life, you’ll get a solid foundation at DreamingBig.Rocks (aka Dreaming Big Academy).

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“Watch. Create. Shine” video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cc09hCzKPQg

Watch. Create. Shine. course description link: https://dreamingbig.rocks/workshops/watch-create-shine/

Video Link: https://youtu.be/ukUJ1i4A3Q8

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Do you sell online, or want to sell more or no idea where to start? It’s easy to listen to wild marketing hype and be confused. Gain clarity and inspiration exploring the Wild World of Ecommerce. Save time, money and energy when selling art, vintage, collectibles, DIY, POD (Print on Demand), etc.

Go beyond the marketing hype with the pros and cons of the top online ecommerce apps and platforms.

You’ll explore a wide variety of stores, based on first-hand knowledge and experience.

Explore the backend of Shopify, WooCommerce, see how to make a Product List (easy, productive and useful), and more.

I have been selling my infamous punk photos online since 2004. Plus licensing to major docs, books, mags, plus museums, galleries for decades. Learn from the pro!

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Wild World of Ecommerce video link: https://youtu.be/ukUJ1i4A3Q8

Wild World of Ecommerce course description page link: https://dreamingbig.rocks/workshops/wild-world-ecommerce/

Personal One on One Coaching


Some don’t have time nor patience for a course. Personal, online coaching gets to the point. I have guided many with a few words of advice on a wide variety of topics. 

Better to read detailed info on my Coaching info page: https://dreamingbig.rocks/workshops/coaching-online-phone/

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Tarot Cards

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Fearless Punk Pioneer Women and Tech to Create My Classic Punk Photos, Art and Sites, Jenny Lens MFA, 1 hr, 41 minutes, https://youtu.be/BTWw4dtAvb4

Wanna know about THE fearless early women of punk?  Debbie Harry, Patti Smith, Alice Bag, Exene, Go-Go’s and others. Hear personal, rare stories about the fun, wild times we had, 1976-80. When we changed world culture forever. I’ve posted my classic and rare punk photos, stories and vids at Punk Pioneers.

Plus info about Online Workshops at DreamingBig.Rocks sharing tips and inspiration on creating and sharing what you love into the world. Look, I’m exhausted! People have told me to teach because I love sharing and know so much.

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