Squarespace vs WordPress

IF you are thinking of starting a WordPress site, please look into Squarespace. Saves ya time! IF I ONLY had one site, I’d use Squarespace!!

This ONE simple Facebook post turned into THREE long posts here.

Hang on, because IF you jump into software, hire people but have NO idea which is best software, struggle with your online software, THIS might be for YOU.

  1. Squarespace vs WordPress
  2. WordPress vs Squarespace for eCommerce? Consider SHOPIFY!
  3. GOOGLE is your best friend for info!

Part One:

I posted that on Facebook, after updating my WordPress sites for the THIRD time in less than week. WordPress core, themes, plugs. URGH.

I use ManageWP.com, a GREAT free plugin. I login, then can update ALL that info with a few clicks. But it takes time. Still faster than logging into five sites to update.

FB pal: “I have my site on WordPress right now – what’s better about Squarespace?”

I am so mad, so busy, I quickly wrote this:

With Squarespace, you get tech support, you never have to update, you never have to search for and pay for plugins, it’s ALL done for you. YOU get tons of hand-holding and tutorials.

IF you DO NOT know how to build and work in WordPress, aren’t techie, don’t have time nor patience, then Squarespace is AMAZING.

I am seeing SO many cool sites which you had to make in WordPress awhile ago. SO many small biz using Squarespace!

But if you are happy with WordPress or have many sites, then stick with WordPress.

I have FIVE sites, at $20/month to host them all, paid yearly with my webhost. PLUS I pay for teaching plugin and Divi theme, so $240 for SiteGround hosting, $20 for Divi theme renewal, and $160 or so for teaching plugin.

BUT Squarespace costs $148 paid yearly or $16/monthly if not. $192 yearly. And maybe $150 or so for premium theme.

So for ONE site, Squarespace is cheaper. But if you have many sites, the cost adds up. But MOST HAVE ONE SITE.

I’d love to host my teaching elsewhere, but $99/month. I also like more full-featured blog and design options in WordPress. I started back in 2006! I’ve seen a LOT of changes. And more complexity too. 

BUT years ago, ya HAD to use WordPress to make cool sites. Now, Squarespace being used in many cool ways. Looks just like WordPress in many cases.

I HATE DEALING with WordPress tech and back end. This Gutenberg and Divi  theme update requiring re-learning what you already know.

Sure, it’s supposed to be better. But releasing it over holidays? And THREE updates in less than one week? WordPress programmers NEED TO GET IT TOGETHER.

That’s the short list.

I am encouraging people to seriously consider Squarespace. I don’t encourage ANYONE to work in WordPress. Unless they insist on designing their own sites and don’t like what they find on Squarespace.

Or want to teach.

Or do something you can’t do on Squarespace

But I am seeing AMAZING small biz sites using Squarespace. Been finding so many since summer, 2018. 

I’m not going to say more why people who have no time, patience, don’t like tech should consider WordPress.

WordPress devotees insist it’s easy. WordPress is NOT easy. Not fast. It IS POWERFUL. Customizable. Can do ANYTHING in WordPress. At a cost of time, patience, and not free.

But Squarespace is quickly catching up. There’s so many alternatives today.

Wanna teach? Use Teachable or Thinkific or whatever.

Want to sell? Shopify, Etsy or whatever. 

IF you use WordPress, be aware it’s 100% DIY. Sure, you can find info online. IF you have the time, patience and are good are researching. You can hire someone, but good luck with that. Sometimes it works out fine. Sometimes not. 

WHY don’t you at least seriously look into Squarespace? You might like what you see. I don’t make a penny writing this. I just share info.

End of discussion. I said all I have to say and no more time.

I’m busy. Updating my WordPress sites.