Stimulus Bill Guarantees Our Lives Will Be Worse

A Facebook photographer pal posted “Instead of living and working on the coasts [where I am and so crazy expensive, but no money to move!], work from a less expensive small town in the heartland [my dream!]. I have a few friends in the telco world who have been doing this for years. The country could really reinvent itself if we argue less and look for opportunities together.”

My response: Preach it brother! I have begged people for years to think like you. But we are a long way from this kind of thinking and working. Should be obvious what we must do now, but many are dragging their heels.

THIS is what I teach … but people just have their heads in sand. THIS also goes to those who feel left behind. That’s all of us!

Life is not like our parents or grandparents! Not for a long time. But that is life, ever-changing. People (can you relate or know people who are) resistant, no matter education or background or where they live. Red or blue state, high school or college graduate, sexuality, gender, age, doesn’t matter.

NOW money (recovery stimulus bill aka lies lies lies) sent to big corporations and Wall Street guarantees NOTHING will change. We won’t focus on telecommuting. We WILL NOT put money into training people for online, digital work or other work. NOPE. From bottom up to top down, NOTHING CHANGES except for the worse!