If ANY questions, problems, wrong links, Write me. I will suggest best strategies for your goals. Keep Dreaming Big cos Dreaming Big Rocks!


“We were contacted by a large organization with press, radio and other media coverage within first month after Jenny Lens redesigned our ecommerce site. Our site rarely displayed by Google til she performed her magic! I couldn’t buy media coverage like that for what I paid Jenny. She organized info, provided search engine strategies, a total facelift and trained me to use it.

We were in business 12 years and no large company ever found us. Our previous ecommerce site was a mess, badly designed and hard to find info. Always a pleasure working with Jenny. Brightest, most energetic person I know. Fun too. She’s tough, but results worth it!” ~ Mark Martinez

“Jenny Lens — thank you so much for your advice and support. You are a great teacher!” Andrea Stone-French, on Facebook pm.

So appreciate the help, tips, and your looking out for us! Thanks so much again for the info, Jenny!  Love love love your work and FB your posts!!!!! Thank you so much and for your kind words. Keep in touch! xoxo” ~ Becky Ramirez Thorvund (free email advice for her non-profit WordPress blog hosting)

“Thanks for all the advice and support re my site design issues.” Ashley Cherry. 


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