Textures FREE with Special Online Workshops

I created these 40 textures specifically for you to use in any project! I show you how to modify the colors, sizes, shapes and more. You get these with the following online workshops:

“Create Tarot and/or Oracle Cards Using Clip Art, Photos and Apps”

“Watch. Create. Shine.” Visual Branding and Marketing Series

Please don’t resell, share, give away or post any texture larger than 300 pixels tall or wide (same size I posted). Don’t ever claim copyright of these textures. Changing colors or sizes doesn’t give you copyright.

Use with images, text, photos, and FLATTEN the image if you sell, create for others, distribute anything that uses my textures.

Standard usage license used by most texture and content creators. I have to follow these rules using textures and clip art, brushes, patterns, and more that I license from others. Plus I get a little ballistic on this issue, after decades of people using my punk photos illegally.

If you want, you can say the same about the cool stuff you are going to make. Now go have fun and make stuff!