Thank you and welcome aboard!

You should get an email with login info. Probably best to change your password.

Video works on any platform or device.

Audio works best only using Google Chrome on your computer, laptop, etc. If using phone, install using Google Play or Apple’s App.

If questions or suggestions, write me.

TMI tech info: Apple makes it very difficult to play private audio on one’s site without getting some kind of developer’s license and jumping through hoops. It’s hard to find a secure site plan for audio. The plan I bought last year informed me best to use Chrome. As a Mac user since 1988, I only use Chrome. So much better!

You wouldn’t believe the tech issues to find and use affordable reliable audio and video plans. Easy to make podcasts private, but you don’t get photos using podcast software. So many promise easy peasy and then make it impossible to actually implement. Sometimes tech support is really rude too! Tech giveth and tech is a pain in the … anyway, enjoy!